I'm available for questions / answers ;-O

I'm available for questions/answers from/to idiots/experts alike..  ;-O

  • I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but is it possible to make a torrent tracker plugin for Elgg..

    Maybe its possible to modify something like TorrentTrader Lite to a Elgg plugin?

    -Pilt :)

  • settings question (please be aware I've only just started working with php)

    I have been struggling with this for over a week  I want to be able to create a plugin that the admin can enter a variable under setting on the plugin and then have that plugin able to store it and use it.

    I have read elgg documentation on this but it refers to predefined values as below

    <option value="5" <?php if ($vars['entity']->limit == 5) echo " selected=\"yes\" "; ?>>5</option>

    I have been trying to do it like i do it in a widgets edit area but putting it in mod/plugin/views/default/settings/edit.php

    The settings edit input area comes up, I'm able to input my text variable and save. I get a system message that my settings have been successfully save But the plugin itself does not seem to react to it. The code I'm trying to use is something similar to this

    <input type="text"name="params[myvariable1]" type="text" value=""><input name="params[myvariable2]" type="text" value="">
    or just this
        <input type="text" name="params[myvariable]" value="<?php echo $vars['entity']->myvariable ?>" />
     neither one of these seem to work am i missing something or is the code bad

  • If you have widget =>
    then you access the plugIn variable ===>

    • $MyVar = $vars['entity']->username ;

    and do what you like with $MyVar after that..

    If you have PlugIn without widget.
    I believe same code will work,
    but I can double check if necessary ;-)

    name="params[myvariable]" seems bad;;;

  • I have a fairly basic plugin, it's an object that can be added/edited via a form with just a few fields.

    I want 1 of those fields to be an icon to be able to show a list of my objects as incons, just as is currently possible in Elgg with groups and people.

    Could you give me some directions or even better, some example code how to add an icon to a plugin?

  • So, are you going to post that tutorial? I tried the blog tutorial but it doesn't do a single thing except show up in the tool administration page. Even going to the specific pages just shows a blank screen. I'd really appreciate a real tutorial, because the documentation on this site is terrible.


  • I'd also love to see this tutorial, it would help many of us newbies to get started. Reading the documentation may be useful, but i personally prefer the "learn by doing" method. 

    Thanks :)

  • Some of you guys are confusing the expert with references to "that tutorial" LOL ;-) Also.. "the documentation on this site is NOT terrible" if one uses their brains to search around for info just a little bit...

    check it out.. read it thru... ;-)

    I myself have learnt Elgg internals by doing by myself... so can you all. Nobody else has ever done my thinking and my work for me ;-(

  • Alredy bookmarked & reading, thanks :)

  • que es el método de mi amigo ;-)
  • @Dhrup..

    if one uses their brains to search around for for info just a little bit...

    Cool... I can search around... all I need now is the brains. LOL


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Beginning Developers

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