Abandoned plugins?

So lately there has been a long discussion about some plugins that were abandoned and no longer supported but still at the elgg community. Such plugins are unstable and sometimes not reliable. So, my question is:

Are there any plans on how to handle abandoned/no longer supported plugins? There has to be some sort of policy so that the elgg community doesn't ends up with tons of unsupported plugins in the repository.


  • I've advocated for a while that we should add a concept of "abandoning" and "adopting" plugin projects to the community plugin repo. No one has had time to implement this, though.

    A short term solution might be to add a warning to plugins that haven't been updated for a long time.

  • the warning should be easy..
    just check the file date and
    if ->filedate  > time() - NN mnths
    display title in red or something like so.

    need to find. know developers interested,
    motivated, with free time to take-over
    almost no devs ever volunteer. . . 


  • @Dhrup Yeah, I like that. Also, an email warning should be sent to the developer. If no action after the warning, plugin should be classified as abandoned or 'orphan' and give the change to developers to 'Adopt' an 'orphan project' (only after getting an'ok' from elgg community admins)


  • A short term solution might be to add a warning to plugins that haven't been updated for a long time.

    A generic warning based on timestamp is not a good idea because some old plugins (with minimal codes) may still work in latest versions with out any changes. Another alternative method is to allow users to mark a plugin as broken in current version (like in WP). If more than X users mark it as broken plugin, we will show the alert message or notify the plugin owner.

  • the problem is not just with broken plugins though.  and broken plugins depend on your version of elgg.  There are numerous plugins where the author simply states that plugin has been abandoned find an alternative, think that is why this topic is being raised.  

    And i dont think just a simple message work.  How many have seen comments on obvious broken and abandoned plugins that people continue to download as state, "hey, this no workie."

  • a few corrections ->

    ' simply states that plugin has been abandoned.. ' 13Net/Phloor has been the *only devs to ever say so on a plugin page ;) all others have simply walked away or gone quiet.

    ' warning.. haven't been updated... ' the original publish date is always visible ~> e.g. "Last updated 340 days ago" if people will not read yet still say 'this does not work w/ 1.8, any ideas? please help!' they need prescription glasses or a labotomy ;-P  how much can 'users' be spoonfed 'help' ?

    only occassionally are there plugins kinda out-of-date or forgotten by original devs for whatever their reasons may be no one knows. in such cases it is always the non-developer types who still ask 'technical' questions viz' how do i do this..?' (and oops btw i forgot to say i can't code for diddley! so please tell me -> exact file names, line numbers and the exact code to put there.. and then if it all works - i'll say you're my hero!' if no one helps you're all a bunch of !%#$@*&^!' you won't help!

    re: taking over the care and feeding of abandoned plugins - i do not believe there are developers waiting in any line; able and willing to devote effort, time, energy.. to most of these plugins. it will always be 'professional life & family' that takes priority.

    i have seen a few plugins that i personally 'like' and if time were were available, i could be talked into adopting some 1 plugin or 2.. but that, for me, will be my prerogative, not the dues to anyone merely asking. and i am sure that all developers will feel the same way -- "what's in it for me? "

    there was another idea not too long ago - the plugin kickstart - put forward ny those that could afford $50 for a new plugin, but had $10 ready to kickstart development, if others would join hands. nothing happened to that great idea because everyone seemed to be looking for someone else to start the ball to roll - even when i had pointed out how easily anyone could have made the idea work without a new (sic) 'plugin' to manage all the actionl' ! not enough interest for taking initiative ;)

    so... apart form all the negatives of reality - open source works quite fine.. by itself; only those that try to abuse the system will complain that it does not. if anyone feels that my (negative) statements are terribly or sadly mistaken.. please => go ahead prove it all wrong.

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