Membership dues

I would like to see a plugin developed for members only Elgg websites.  When a member registers for an account, they must first pay a membership due in order to gain access to the community.  It could either be a lifetime membership which is paid once, or a yearly membership subscription.  Membership dues may be accepted through PayPal, or by other means. 


I think that this would be really useful for other users who are working on a really specific type of community.  Or, for existing membership based organizations.  For example, I could see this being used for many existing membership based special interest groups that already require annual membership dues.  And it would be a really great way to get more organizations to use Elgg.  For example, if the Captain America fan club knew that all they had to do was to install a version of Elgg and they'd be ready to go with their club, then I think that more organizations would be apt to using Elgg in the future.  


Any idea?

  • +1 Sounds like a good idea, I know I could use such a thing but what I would say is...Have a limited site for new members, like a trial period, and then have the premium membership option, so they can upgrade for more stuff and gain more access or unlimited whatever... In addition, maybe small perctentage of the money given back to the elgg community for making this all possible, because w/o elgg and the developers here, there is no community...

  • It is a good idea. I think Dhrup is the one making a GPL membership plugin.

    For me, the big problem is handling payment gateways tied to the different accounts.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • vazco has that as 2 premium plugins, was worth the pennies it cost to obtain them (Membership and Wallet)