Stuck for Three Days

Hi there, can anyone give me the file address where this is found: 

<li class="elgg-menu-item-elgg-logo">

<a href="" class="elgg-topbar-logo">

<img src="http://localhost/sites/elgg-1.8.13/_graphics/elgg_toolbar_logo.gif" alt="Elgg logo"          width="38" height="20">



  • what exactly are you trying to do, might be help to those trying to help you if they understand your goal


  • Thanks Costakisc. I'm trying to change the href of the elgg logo on the topbar. I have managed to change it to my site url for all the pages except the external pages found at the footer - the About, Terms, and Privacy pages. On these pages, clicking on the logo takes me to the website. I want it to take me to my homepage (activity page). 

  • so you're using the default theme i'm assuming?

  • that's the (another place footer's link you need to change as well

  • since i got called a provocative smartass earlier i dont mean to sound rude, but did you do a search or google search for changing or removing the elgg topbar logo?


  • But I can't find the file containing those html. I enabled wrap comment, used Firebug and Google Chrome's to inspect them, and then used Notepad++ to search them, but so far no result for three days. I have enabled the strings feature and used all kinds of detective works the core developers would be proud of :). I would appreciate if one of the developers could help me at least once.  

  • hmm one way would be to unregister the elgg logo and register it again

    elgg_unregister_menu_item('topbar', 'elgg_logo');

    $logo_url elgg_get_site_url() . "_graphics/elgg_toolbar_logo.gif";


    'name' => 'elgg_logo',

    'href' => elgg_get_site_url() . 'activity', // <--- i changed the href so it'll point to your activity page

    'text' => "<img src=\"$logo_url\" alt=\"Elgg logo\" width=\"38\" height=\"20\" />",

    'priority' => 1,

    'link_class' => 'elgg-topbar-logo',


  • also i would put this in your topbar.php in a plugin

  • Don't worry Costakisc. Those people have low self-esteem and don't want to admit they don't know. These kind of people never learn and progress in life. 

    As to your question, yes, I have searched and the ones I have found I have already done them. This particular html seems obscure. I have compared files and the html from inspect, and I have noticed that Elgg must be automatically using <ul> and <li> tags, which are difficult to find.