Let's Create a Tutorial Group

Hi all newbies, let's create a group on, let's say, Google+ Hangouts and start exchanging knowledge. That way, we would be pros in no time. It works in math, physics, chemistry, medicine, .... 

  • Why does web development have to be rocket science? Why do we have to be in owe? Let's do that. We don't have to buy custom thems, plugins from third-parties who themselves use elgg to sell us back elgg, and we don't have to ask questions ameteur questions on the discussion boards, and also bother the developers, who probably get hundreds of questions in their mailboxes. I am sure this is not a damb idea. Anyone with guts?

  • it is not rocket science. learning take sincere t-i-m-e. there's already quite a few tutorials, groups & such hanging around for elgg know-how @here, sometimes.. just needs bit of searching to find relevant stuff. custom themes, 3rd parties.. everyone is merely doing their part in this elggpan to keep things moving.. in their own way. does not need guts. just the interest beyond the specifics that each one of you wants, but y'all tend to ask as if everyone else will want the exact same features and therefore developers must code it because 'people will be eternally ingratiated, it will good for elgg and everyone else in the world '. nobody but nobody gives unless there as advantage in it for them.. i've seen this @ elgg for 4 years & in general IT for 45 years. nothing is new.. people are all the same ;-P