Page does not reload after adding /removing content, using Amazon EC2, Load Balancer and RDS


I have installed the latest version of Elgg (1.8.13) in Amazon enronment for testing purposes. I have a load balancer with 2 EC2 instances backed with an RDS instance as the database.

The problem that I experience is that when I make any update in a page, for instance create content (for example a bookmark, or a page), the content is created, but the list of pages/bookmark do not get updated (even if you click on All Site's Pages link several time, it still shows the old page) and the new content is not shown unles you reload the listing page manually (using browser button). The same is true if I Activate or Deactivate a plugin, the plugin listing page will not get updated unless I manually reload the page. It seems that this is a problem at least with list pages (in any of All, mine and friends tabs). Also, you would experience the same if (as admin) delete river items, the activity page does not get updated unless you manually refresh the activity page. This is annoying as users do not know whether their actions has taken effect.

Another related issue is that the notifications (whether user is loged in/logged out, content deleted, categories added/removed) would be displayed with delay (after you have moved on and doing something else).

Note that I have not experience these two problems in my local installation of Elgg  (1.8.13) when it is installed all on one machine in another hosting environment.

Any help on how to fix and any idea on what could be wrong is appreciated.


  • I did further testing and twicking every possible thing. It seems that Elgg serves the listing requests (pages/all, bookmarks/all/, etc) from the browser cache, and only a hard browser button reloading request makes it to take the new entity list values from the database. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks a lot.