Set access_id for comment

Hi all.

I want to set access_id=private for not admin user. 

the admin in a second time will change the access id than normal.
Used to create a sort of comment moderation very simple.
I found the following function and I was wondering if I could tie it to the action "leave a comment".
What do you think? Do you have suggestions on how to do?

function annotate(
                  $name,           // The name of the annotation type (eg 'comment')
                  $value,          // The value of the annotation
                  $access_id = 0,  // The access level of the annotation
                  $owner_id = 0,   // The annotation owner, defaults to current user
                  $vartype = ""    // 'text' or 'integer'

As always thanks in advance for your reply.

In action/comment/add i can try to override like...

$annotation = create_annotation($entity->guid,
'0'); [instead of # $entity->access_id); 0=ACCESS_PRIVATE]


So I will have also a private comment, right?

after i must to set an only admin action in edit to change the access_id from 0 to $entity->access_id.


This my think...


Warning:  obviously this is not a hack I always refer to the possibility of an override by the example mod is to figure out how to change the action.

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