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Hi all, I installed a fresh copy of 1.8.13 on my plesk server today.


After adding a few users I choose to be notified by email on the settings page for all notification for the demo users, none of the user accounts are receiving any email notification other than me and I'm the site administrator.


I did google it but the answers to all the post was to switch on notifications through the setting which is already done.

Any suggestions.




  • As the site admin I receive an email of the actions that occur on the site but normal users don't receive these email even when set to receive them in their setting.

  • Clu55ter, did you get it working eventually? I had the same problem when I installed Elgg 1.8.13. Had quite a bit of correspondence on the Elgg forum and tried the various alternate/improved mail sending plugins and notifications plugins but after three years or so it still only works sparodically. My web hosting company took a shot at it and even they didn't get anywhere. Should have upgraded to a later Elgg version but could never find the time. Consequently without consistent email notification my Alumnae site has not done too well. Otherwise I think Elgg is a fabulous social networking platform.

  • Today I downloaded "Message Queue plugin for Elgg 1.8" and added a five minute cronjob on my server. Eureka! So far the email notifications are actually working and being received by my test members. Don't understand why three years ago there was no mention anywhere in the documentation about a cron for the notifications 1.7 plugin. Guess that's why it has only worked very sparodically till now!

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