I give up

All those that give up using elgg, use this thread and state your reasons,... Ill begin:-

My Reason: After having found 1 small thing i wanted change, after days of looking, Im now spending more time looking for another small thing to change. These changes are basic changes to the theme. So its gotten me really frustrated. I know its do-able, but i also know it takes a huge amount of time, looking into tens of css and php files figuring out which file i need to chagne to get what.


Until Elgg, sorts out themeing and stops making code more and more complicated i wont be using it.


my conclusion: Elgg will get no-where if it thinks by making the code more and more complex the product becomes some how more and more powerful to all us users. I think its being to smart for its own good and getting no where. It really needs to make themeing the prime priority, because its the designers that are the users of elgg really. the designers made wordpress a success becuase of its easy themeing.


anyway, its a great product and I really want to carry on using it, buts its just too time consuming for basic things.