Fresh 1.8.12 install / old 1.5 RC2 database

Hi guys,

I try to upgrade an old 1.5 RC2 install to 1.8.12.

I read the process docs but i surely have forgotten something.

I also tried to run all engine/shema/upgrades .sql scripts to my database

I made a new install, it works fine with a new database but when I want to use my old database by changing settings.php and run upgrade : "fatal error"

any idea to fix this?

thanks you for helping


  • How about doing the upgrade in some intermediate steps? Upgrading 1.5RC2 to latest 1.5 release, then latest 1.6 release... 1.7... 1.8. I don't think that anyone ever tested if upgrading to the latest Elgg 1.8 release still works with all ever released former Elgg versions. If you do the upgrade in the intermediate steps you might be successful. If not, you might at least know better at which version change the upgrade procedure is hanging.

  • Thank you Iionly, that's what I'm afraid of :)


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