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 The validation by email for 1.8.12 in not sending out validtion requests. Any one know whats going on?

  • Has it worked before or did it stop working only after upgrading to Elgg 1.8.12? If it never worked at all it's most likely not due to Elgg but due to your server not properly configured for sending emails:

    Or the validation emails are getting sent alright but are blocked by the email provider as spam and not reaching the receiver.

  • Just as iionly said, the messages are blocked by the email providers as spam. Check your webmail messages for return messages from mailer daemon!..It probably has to do with your server IP being blacklisted. Just contact your hosting providers for a clean server IP and try to configure your application to use SMTP for the emails!

  • I checked with my service provider and my e-mail works for everything exsept sending out validtions by email plug in.

  • No, it is not a spam filter issue. I am having the same problem. All other emails are delivered, but not validation emails. Any ideas? Could a plugin I'm using be interfering some way? When I installed first, I was able to register and validate myself, but since then I have installed various plugins and now no validation mails.

    Anyone know of any issues with plugins blocking validation mails?

  • Is the validationbyemail plugin active? If not, the validation emails will not be sent.

    Some other plugin might indeed block sending of validation emails. Best way (only way without us knowing what plugins you use on your site...) to check this is to deactivate any plugins that could produce this issue (i.e. 3rd party plugins that either have something to do with account registration or sending of notifications).

  • Yes the plugin is active. I've tried deactivating all the other 3rd party plugs, one by one. It's still not working. :/

    Do you happen to know which PHP page this function is on? Thanks for the help! :)

  • I agree with iionly,its a problem with plugins,but meanwhile why dont you de activate the validation by mail before you sort out the issue.And first deactivate them one by one and find out which one bring the problem.


  • Sending of the email is done by the function uservalidationbyemail_request_validation(). This function is in mod/uservalidationbyemail/lib/functions.php. The function itself is called in start.php by the function uservalidationbyemail_disable_new_user() which is executed when a new user registers an account. The uservalidationbyemail_request_validation() function is also called when you re-sent the validation email as admin on the "Inactive users" page in the admin section of your site.

    Does the validation email reach the user, if you re-sent it via the admin section? You could also check the mailserver log on your server to see if the validation email goes out (either by re-sending the email or by creating a test account or even testing both). If the email goes out, the problem is not on your server or with your Elgg installation at all. If the email does not go out, then you really need to do some more thorough testing. In this case I would still look for some 3rd party plugin that causes the issue as it is very unlikely that only the validation emails should not get sent if every other email notification works.

  • My email verifications get spamed. I tryed to change to email verification message in this flolder.



    But it changed nothing in the verfication email. 

    I want to change the message so this way Gmail doed not viw  it as spam.


    I cant change it HELP

  • @Luis Teran


    This where I found the coding for the emailing...!

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