Paypal buttons in Pages not shown correctly

Hello everybody,

as always, prior to posting this, I searched in the community and didn't find an answer to my question...pardon me if duplicating but pretty sure I'm not :)

I'm trying to paste a Paypal button's code in a normal elgg 1.8.11 page and it seems to works fine but when saving the page the button is displayed much bigger, therefore not nice to see, than it should.

So, when I insert the code into html, prior to clicking on Save the page I see it properly:



When I click on Save, then it turns like this:


  • You're probably going to have to write come css for this. The button is an input on a form, so it will stretch across the form. What I do with my paypal buttons is put a div wrapper around the form:

    <div id="paymentWrapper">

         paypal form html


    then in css do:

    #paymentWrapper input{


    So now the buton will be 130px wide and look good...


  • Thanks Mark!

    Kind as always!

    It's not working but I guess I make mistakes... is the css the one in the theme in /mod/theme/views/default/theme/css.php ?

  • i saw this same issue im my simple ecommerce plugin and have proper code fixes for next version.

  • Hi Dhrup! Do you mean this ?

    Way too complicated for us and still beta I see, right? :)

    At the moment we would simply need to easily paste paypal buttons (2 social-products only to fund our not-for-profit) ... then go to a complete e-commerce solution (Prestashop?) when - not if ;) - ready with other stuff


  • ' fixes for next version ' ;oO
    if you have patience.. gpl simplecommerce will be 'ready' someday soon;
    *with the paypal interface - a feature nobody has released for gpl code here.
    [ and why? if ppl wanna make $$ should they not be ready to pay a little$ for it? ]
    prestashop and other solutiions are *heavy and none are integrated with elgg.
    p/s itself i have reviewed in the past and thrown way rather than customize
    ... b/c too much work to intergrate into elgg ;-o(

    if ppl will have patience, embrache simplecommerce will grow from 'still in beta' ;)
    of course... a commercial backer will speed development..
    but seems everyone wants this ecommerce solution to make $$$ for their sites..
    but everyone is 'too poor' to contribute to development ;-)
    not even hundreds of ppl with 1 small mcdonalds mini burger dollar !?
    simpleCommerce has *one feature planned for the premium pkg that
    will blow away minds and expectations from ecommerce solutions;
    an idea for a feature so deperately missing and so deperately needed
    and quite simple to implelement (i still keep all details *secret!)
    believe that - this one feature will blow away everyone's miinds about
    how ecommerce runs on a platform such as elgg ! ;-P 

    your 'page' for product code will not work because htmlawed blocks
    the css code; it will need some custom code in pages or elsewhere
    to make that smple css code work properly.

  • I thought pasting a button was much easier...wrong!

    I know other e-commerce solutions would not be integrated or expensive to integrate with elgg but still haven't seen any good alternative...some badly prefer to go to a dedicated e-commerce solution like prestashop. In the meanwhile at a very first stage we would simply need to try to market few merchandises to start (I'm also waiting for a reply by someone here on the community) activating the following:

    Our profits' shared properly among:

    1. manufacturesrs (social enterprises in our case)
    2. us
    3. the Elgg core (see supporters page)
    4. This community's Devs whose plugins are in use (few decent donations already sent)
    5. This community's Devs whose help (even if no plugin is in use) allowed us to improve

    Quite ambitious....but we promise here and promised here :)



  • could you do this? I might have a misplaced comma in my div example, I didn't test it

    #paymentWrapper input{

        background:url(/images/payment.gif) no-repeat;
    <div id='paymentWrapper' onclick='window.location.href="http://paypay_link_here"'&gt;
  • Tx iconMatrix, will try tomorrow, nice day to you!

  • it WORKS! Actually Mark's solution now works...and I feel happy...and grateful to both of you Mark and iconMatrix (same person?)! THANK YOU!

    Really, we hope to start selling our first social-products to contribute here much more!



  • i´m putting the paypal form button in "any page" and in the css of the plugin but not work for me. Where am I wrong?

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