Force new content to be added exclusively through groups?

I think the real gem of Elgg is the fact that groups has photos, videos, blog, forum, files, bookmarks. But users can go to their profiles, choose photos and then just upload photos into the photo library without going through the groups.

Is it possible to turn this off somehow?

  • doan cuss or laff after... ;-P;x;°}
    ans = yes;
    next ques 'how?'
    via 'code'
    next ques 'who?'

    i have been slowly setting up a custom elgg mini-fork
    at my agileBrainz for something 99% like this. and..
    u not try to go register @there to browse  - can`t get in!

    i'd wanted to setup a project`manager for all my clients;
    looked thru almost *all the top-12 foss project pkgs avail;
    yes, they're all nice and powerfull, but...
    the inevitable - not exactly what i wanted to see.

    scooted over back to the blue elgg corner..
    patched a raw' groups only' fork of sorts
    *with the supporting tools blogs, files, pages, etc;
    fixed custom access controls more finely
    and wham! my new project manager ! it's alive!!

    works so far as it's evolving...
    now and hen i discover something forgotten
    (usually re: *accesses) and patch such holes..

    can be done -> *with code*
    rollupyer sleeves!

    ☺ ☻ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♪ ♫ 


  • doan cuss or laff after... ;-P;x;°}
    ans = yes;
    next ques 'how?'
    via 'code'
    next ques 'who?'

    This just crashed Google translate !!!! lol

    Ok, thanks DhrupDeScoop. I couldn't find any discussions or plugins on the subject so I thought I would raise the question. Uhhhh I wish there was a check box for this somewhere in admin :)

    I'm not sure I understood what you were doing with this project manager for your clients?!? Throw me a link if I can 'watch' :)

  • Oh wait, I got it now. don't cuss of laugh afterwards, please. Yes it can be done, with code, by Brian (insert big grin) ha ha

  • @brian, lolz........DaScooop has his own language, takes a little getting used to, but hes to smart for even google translate to keep up with.  :)

  • cant just 'watch' b/c it is a live site for clients;
    basics =>
    only groups plugin works for everyone;
    the files etc are all there,
    but only within a group.
    nothing else to do,
    nowhere else to go; )
    eveythiing is done from inside a group..



  • My members are finding out that they can go to their profiles and click 'Photos" and then 'Create Album'. Hey I'm just realising I just have to remove that button. I already removed a 'Download' button on another elgg 'Files' page. Same principle ! Yay. Now I know how to go about it and where to start looking.