Plugin Request: Rating Pictures? Top Rated Photos?

I want to find someone who can make a plugin for Rating Pics and then have a Widget if possible for Top Rated Pics to be able to place on profiles, and if possible a page just for the Top Rated Pics to list owner of the photo, how many votes it received, or any other stats that can be used on this page. Pics uploaded into albums w/ a category selected is how I have this setup, so maybe top pics of each category would be great.

I am running a photo contest but nobody can vote on pics, so I have to determine winner from comments and what people are saying each month, which is not easy to do, lol.

The best rated photos I understand could be a tie, especially if they are all rated 10 stars with nothing less, but this will still help me determine which are among the top rated pictures to have winners, any ideas or help here, anyone want to attempt this?

I wish I could create plugins but im not that technical yet, still getting used to elgg and how it works, there is so much to learn. This project would need to work with my elgg 1.8.12 if anyone has any time to try it. Could be useful for many other elggers.

I have seen the plugin: hypeStarRating for Elgg 1.8 but the hype framework is not working correctly and neither are the plugins, probably not supported or updated lately.



  • I started making a plugin like this but never got around to finish it.

    Here's the source:

    I could try to find time for it but I can't really promise anything at the moment.

  • I wouldn't be able to do it, someone else would have to try to play with the source, but good looking out! :)

  • Is it working? I don't remember anymore. It's been too long since the last time I tested it myself. :D

    I've got to say I'm getting interested in continuing the development. This is the reason why I have so many unfinished projects! I always start a new one even though I haven't finished the old ones. :)

  • Didn't try it, I'm using 1.8.12 and I doubt it would work unless its finished. Don't start something you won't finish btw, but if you do attempt to complete this, would be great. I think others would use it too probably.

  • Don't start something you won't finish btw

    True. It's just that paying customers always take precedence over own pet projects. :/

  • yep!;-P in this community @here, it has seemed too common (since 2008..!) that the loudest FOSS supporters tend to be those that are 'too poor' to fork out even a couple of bucks for coffee (beer) money! i have a few, rare, nice donatiors who send $40 at a pop to 'donate' just because they want usually want a few lines of custom code that they cannot do! and e.g. @here look over some of the plugins @2816 downloads? and (my favorite) not if all sent in $1 !!!? donation? what would the elgg foss gpl world be like ? but.. noooo they cain't 'afford' that. 'too poor', 'open source' philosophy, 'elgg is free',... and so thw world turns.. and everyone will start their new web sites built with elgg and cuite powerful gpl, 'useful for many other elggers' plugins and go ahead to be the next 'fazebooq' ipo !

  • @Juho - I completely understand what you mean, and I have no problem waiting as long as it takes to see this come project of yours come to life, and if you already started it and haven't finished, I understand, wasn't trying to push or rush it, would just like to see something like this available in the future. Since its a request, I have no problems making a donation, eventhough money is tight I always stick to my word.

  • everything is intended to be free and abundant on earth; the issue is not misuse of open sourced intentions but misuse of creation energies to create 'the illusion of' profit in other aspects of life.. including the ones that grow hops & barley for 'brewing' beer instead of allowing the land to grow free berries and fruits for everyone.
    if you don't truly want to do something its not right for you to be doing it (if we made that a global slogan, life would be muuuuch better way quickly.) ;)

  • @ura.  i take offense the the hops and barley comment (j/k lol)  cause i do the hops and barley, but i make the beer for people to share for free.  

    Think its the only reason i have friends is cause they like my free beer.


  • and kimberly, hypeframework and most of his plugins have been updated.  its just that the current versions are on github.  you have to download from there and use the 1.8.6 branch NOT the master.  It is a framework so there are some problems, and hypes plugins are different, he rewrites a lot of elgg code, they can be very difficult to mod and almost takes a rocket scientist to understand.  But they do work and are awesome plugins, i use 6 of them myself.

    The problems i have had in the past have been quickly fixed with an email, except for one with i believe is a firefox browser issue with auto upload.