Elgg 1.8.12 elgg-system-messages do not fade out.

Not sure if anyone else has same issue but elgg-system-messages just stay dosplayed, you have to click to make it fade. This is problem if I leave page for a day, the whole page if filled with red error messages. Same behavior is here on community site.

Is this a bug?


  • Nope.

    That is a deliberate upgrade. It will go away on click.

  • if this is to be the intended method of rendering error boxes, there needs to be a way of closing/displaying multiple messages in one box, so they can be observed and closed quickly and easily.

  • I agree, and I would also like to see alerts or these same system messages if a user views your profile page, they pop up showing who it was, and maybe even alerts for new photo comments, or friend requests, would be cool? If you see the alert and click on it, takes you right to the comment or friend request or whatever. Just a thought?

  • kimberly is sounds as if you are talking about notifications more than alerts.  there are a couple of plugins that do that, just not in a way that make either one great.  one works well but does not ajax, the other does ajax but the alert for the notification disappears quickly and it take some modding of other plugins to make the notifications work.

    also i have seen a plugin that will show you who has viewed your profile, just dont remember the name of it.

    friend requests, there is a plugin for that also, but the alert/ notification for it is not ajaxed.  it will only appear on a page reload

  • @TSL: That's a feature, not a bug ;-)

    @cash: I'd say token refresh code needs fixing. If token refresh (that requires tokens AFAIR) fails, we don't have way of obtaining new ones. It seems that JS shouldn't retry over and over. Feature for closing multiple error messages shouldn't be necessary to implement.

  • Cool, first I thought it was my theme or a plugin, I tried disabling all plugins, even on new fresh install was the same. Glad to see it was not me lol :)

    Yeah if I leave the activity page open in a browser over night or even less, whole screen is covered with error messages "can't connect to mysite.com ....."

    It all goes away if I refresh the page or start clicking on all the messages but.....

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