My prise to Elgg, the developers and the helpful community!

I just have to say thanks!



Using Elgg has been discovering how websites should be structured. It's been about realising that basically most websites are structured wrong, and somehow the Elgg team got it right. It's such a simple difference between having forum categories, photo categories, video categories, blog categories and then how the Elgg team realised this is all wrong and put the categories first, and then (!) below this level comes the photos, videos, forum and blog posts and even pages, files and bookmarks. Such a small difference makes all the difference in the world ! 
Basically Elgg is setting the standard for web-navigation-structure.



I hope you keep up the great work and keep pushing this software forward. I saw a suggestion on trac to have the contributing developers listed for praise. I second that. It's way deserved!


Helpful community

Thanks to iionly, DhrupDeScoop, Matt and others for always being there to help. This is a fantastic and active community which is very important when one is trying to get started with a new platform. Thanks!

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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