Pages/Blog "news" plugin request only for admin


Can I change the pages or blog plugin somewhat. So only the administrator can add a page/blog so this shows on the front page. And you see a thumbnail image and 10 lines of text. When you click the text, title, or image. You can read the full news article. 

Or is there some plugin out there that does this?


  • I did it in 1.7 by modifing the custom_index view within my theme. look at it here to see if this is what you mean 

  • thanks

    Well something like that but more graphic like for example. But yours is a very good start, only need to change layout somewhat. 

    Do you feel like sharing your module?



  • it is not a mod, I coded the custom_index within my theme to achieve what I needed. wasn't hard and I edited it with DreamWeaver to make changes on the fly. To me it was easier to just code the page I need rather that create a plugin but I am sure that in Professional Services there is someone who can do it for you if you do not have the ability. The only difference between fstoppers and mine is the pictures but if I wanted to do that as a home page then I might create a wordpress site and link it back to elgg. But since you are mostly a blogger why not create the whole thing in WordPress, blogging is where WordPress shines. Elgg is a social engine more like a combo of twitter and facebook.