Pages/Blog "news" plugin request only for admin


Can I change the pages or blog plugin somewhat. So only the administrator can add a page/blog so this shows on the front page. And you see a thumbnail image and 10 lines of text. When you click the text, title, or image. You can read the full news article. 

Or is there some plugin out there that does this?


  • sure you can change it.  are you looking for a news plugin or do you just want to change your blog?  what theme/ riverdashboard (river dashboard, river activity 3C, river addon, etc...) ?

  • admin_gatekeeper();


    case 'add':


    case 'edit':


    in start.php for blogs/pages

  • It can be either a news plugin, or a tutorial how to change the blog/pages module so It turns into a good news module. 


    RVR can you clarify what this does exactly?

  • the quick and easy way to do this right now for starters is download phloor framework and news plugin, then you can have blogs and news.  you will need to do what rvr mentioned above to make it for admins like you want.  I amworking on removing the framework and making it a stand alone plugin, should be done in the next week or two


  • ' only for admin ' ?!;-P
    been so many requests since wayy backk for this only-for-admin power feature! 
    about time someone nice client type of chap-bloke supported development
    for a global, one-only-admin-control-for-all-plugin that can take care of
    all the situations which are decided tio be 'for-admin only'. 
    kinda sneaks into the realms of rolez/permz a little of the way.. 

    i wish i had my rolea/permz utility completed ;-oO

    and -> ' an you clarify what this does exactly? ' does not say much
    execpt that the questioner (that's you zerocool!) is either too lazy
    to do some research themselves or knows diddley about coding and needs some
    hand-holding and line-by-line exactly-how-to-code-this-feature instructions..

    this is one aspect of asking for and getting help here on the forums that
    most people do not just do not understand. whoever offers 'help' should
    not be treated like a personal $paid tutor for any and all questions until you
    get the code that you all want. learn to do some things for yourselves!

  • DaScooperz is trying to make some more friends, lolerz......:)

  • there's a few area that can do with a global controller ->
    . admin-only add/edit wherever
    . default access @pulldown
    . fillter tabs all,mine,friends
    . profile (at least) permalinks
    . profile type tagging
    . profile type permissions control to areas 


  • It sounds like zerocool22 wants a hand-assembled list of content excerpts from the site.

    Basic plugin outline: The admin gives the GUID of the content, an excerpt and thumbnail. The thumb and excerpt go into an object/homeContent entity, and a relationship is created between the entity and the source entity. To build the homepage you just display a list of the object/homeContent entities. In the views of these, you'll get the content URL* by fetching the original content entity by relationship and calling ->getURL() on it.

    *You could store the content URL in the homeContent object, but using the relationship gives the original content owner control over the visibility of the excerpt: If the get entity by relationship fails, you don't show the excerpt.

  • yes guys, I am sorry. I think I understand what needs to be programmed, but I am a noob in programming, and do not know any php. And its not that you can learn php fast and even when you do, its not sure you know drupal. Where did you guys learn all this stuff?

    So I will wait 2 weeks until costakisc has created this amazing plugin.