Izap videos problem.


I have just installed elgg and the izap video plugin on my localhost wamp. When I go to my profile, video and try to add a vimeo or youtube video, and hit save. It gives and the following error:

"Error Saving Thumb, unable to write file on the server". 

It is on my windows machine, rights should be ok, as I boxed out the read only on my windows on all elgg folders.

Is this a common issue? How can I fix it?



  • My server Analysis tab of Video settings(izap_videos version: 3.9b) is blank with just two links Settings & Server Analysis. Any clue as to why this happens. I ran into this after youtube videos failed to generate thumbnails on being added to elgg. These videos on being saved shows"Error Saving Thumb, unable to write file on the server". Has anyone come across such a scenario ? My Elgg version is 1.7.14 and php version was very recently upgraded to PHP 5.4.13 (cli) (built: Mar 14 2013 08:57:49) by mediatemple/plesk/CentOS 6.5. It was infact after this php upgrade that IZAP and Tidypics(not able to create albums and upload images at all) stopped working for me.