Izap videos problem.


I have just installed elgg and the izap video plugin on my localhost wamp. When I go to my profile, video and try to add a vimeo or youtube video, and hit save. It gives and the following error:

"Error Saving Thumb, unable to write file on the server". 

It is on my windows machine, rights should be ok, as I boxed out the read only on my windows on all elgg folders.

Is this a common issue? How can I fix it?





    lots of issues it can be, did you install the izap bridge?  

    have you run the izap utilities for your server analysis (in the develop section on your admin page) should get something like this: 

    exec() Success Required to execute the commands.
    cURL support Success Required for fetching the remote feed.
    PDO_SQLITE Support Success Required to manage que by sqlite database.
    PHP interpreter test Fail PHP interpreter not found. 
    Action: Be sure the provided path is correct in admin settings.
    FFmpeg Fail  
    upload_max_filesize 5.00 MB The maximum size of files that PHP will accept uploads. Keep it bigger for big files.
    post_max_size 8.00 MB Needs to be a small amount bigger or same, than upload_max_filesize for a file upload to work. Keep it bigger for big files.
    max_input_time 60 Determines how much time PHP will wait to receive file data. Keep it "0" for bigger file.
    max_execution_time 30 This sets the maximum time in seconds a script is allowed to run before it is terminated. Keep it "0" for bigger files.
    memory_limit 64M This is php main memory limit and it needs to be bigger enough for your bigger file need to process via ffmpeg.
  • i would start there and then ask inside the plugin comments, so the creator of the plugin can actually help.  that and a google search will do wonders also

  • lol @ google search - people still do that? thought google was a thing of the past?

  • might be, but you would be amazed at the answers for elgg related question........so if googles out, whats in now?  im old and always behind the curve

  • was being sarcastic, yes I have seen the results for elgg and google questions, been there many of times...in order to run izap videos you must install the bridge, so I am guessing he did that, as for izap, I have the latest elgg version installed with the izap and noticed in my errorlog in the root a re-occuring error for the izap bridge, so hopefully the author or team can fix a few things in a timely fashion.

  • Tried already google but was not helpfull. It seems whenever I try to post a video it stops the izap bridge. I have installed izap bridge btw and I activated the API.

    izap-elgg-bridge (guid: 57) cannot start and has been deactivated. Reason: Cannot include start.php for plugin izap-elgg-bridge (guid: 57) at C:/wamp/www/elegg/mod/izap-elgg-bridge.

    Click on the link to set izap-elgg-bridge API. izap-elgg-bridge 


    the analys shows the following 2:

    PHP interpreter test Fail PHP interpreter not found. 
    Action: Be sure the provided path is correct in admin settings.
    FFmpeg Fail

  • figured you were being sarcastic, but like i said i am old and slow, so i thought i would cover the bases and make sure.  i dont mind being in the back of the bus, just dont want to miss the bus

  • did you click on the link to set the api?

  • Yes whenever I click on the link, it goes to my localhost installation. And shows me the overview of all my wamp websites.

  • for starters i would update to the newest version of izap videos:


    and read the comments and such there.  pretty sure you have to have the api for it to work.  think you can go to pluginlotto.com or something to that effect and do it manually without using that link