Profile Icon and photos

Hi all,

I have major issue on my site. I have upgraded elgg 1.7.4 to 1.7.8..

i nearly have 1.5k users on my site where there are nearly 5000 photos and some users profile icon too.

but when i upgraded from elgg 1.7.4  to 1.7.8 all the profile icons and photos of tidypics not displayed. i dont know wats the reason.

But its working well with all datas in local.

It will be much appreciable if someone helps me to fix dis.

  • I wish I could offer help with this problem, I've never used elgg 1.7 but check to see if the paths are setup correctly for your data folder, and check the docs again for the upgrade instructions maybe you missed something, could also be a read/write issue maybe or even .htaccess, hopefully you fix this soon.

  • @kimberly

    I have checked all the paths in db... its all crct. updated the duplicate query too. metastrings table too has file root rightly. but dont know whats the issue exactly

    Upgraded the source... Its successfully upgraded too.

    Totally cleaned up .htaccess and settings.php and installed as new one.

    After doing all these steps this issues still exsist... tooo confused now.

  • I'm sure someone will get with you shortly on what the problem might be, have you searched around for similiar problems people had with elgg 1.7 on here?

  • @kimberly ya i have tired all things. Yet couldnt fix it up. But when i increase the admin time created all ttidypics photos are viewing and some profile icon also viewed.

  • How exactly did you upgrade your site? Actually, you would only need to replace the core files and directories while you would not need to remove any 3rd party plugins' mod folders. You would also not need to remove settings.php and .htaccess might not have changed between Elgg 1.7.4 and 1.7.8. If there were any changes in .htaccess you would surely need to make sure to include any changes you made in the new .htacess file.

    Btw. why upgrade to Elgg 1.7.8 instead of the very latest Elgg 1.7 release (1.7.16)? Apart from normal bugs fixes there were also security issues fixed with new Elgg 1.7 releases and you should always use the latest available version.

    Have you only upgraded your site (on the same server) or have you also moved to another server? Even if the server was not changed, were there any other changes on the server like upgrading php, mysql or apache? Check out (especially the remarks about timezone).