IE7 Blog Post Links Fix

So if you start or edit a blog post, and then insert a link into a paragraph such that the link will break up at the end of a line, it is supposed to not matter and the link should continue on the next line.

This works as it should in ie8+ and chrome and probably firefox too.. not sure about safari or opera though.

But, in ie7 and probably ie6 too, the links that take up more than one line display as block elements instead of inline. It took a while for me to figure out the solution so if anyone needs it: p a, p span {
    zoom: normal !important;

The above code is what I added to the ie7.php file located in /views/default/css/ie7.php. If you use a theme, just copy that file to /mod/whatever_theme/views/default/css/ie7.php.

This is what I used to test is it works or not: github gist link.

PS: not sure if the span tags matter or not, but whatever..

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