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On there are group categories:
Featured groups | All groups | Support | Language | Developers | Plugins


It's easy to understand why this is useful. 

Because of the brilliant (!) structure of Elgg, where groups serve as categories for blog and forum etc. we don't need categories for those elements.

But on one of my Elggs I would like "Product groups" where only admins can create groups, "Local user groups" where the users can create groups and so on.


What if we could set up group categories and for each category we had the option: "Who can create groups: users / admins".


Until then, it would be absolutely fantastic if we could get a tutorial on how group categories was accomplished here on

I see a lot of threads with questions on how to achieve this, and so far I have not been able to figure it out.

  • When I install this plugin, clicking on "Groups" in the navigation menu takes me to a blank page:

    I need to remove the /all and it works

  • This plugin was designed to be used only on community page. Don't expect it will "just work" on your installation, some polishing is definitely necessary.

  • i'm still attempting to clear the extended attributes for this plugin..
    i'm running:
    getfattr -d -R /path/
    in linux.. for the plugin folder, which i am reading is the way to dump the extended attributes recursively for all files and folders.. so far i get no output..
    if anyone knows how to resolve this i'd appreciate a pointer. ;)

  • i got curious; installed community_groups om my xampp and.. it "just worked" with no polishing. no blank page, no fattr, just works. y`all must be doing 'somethang' v. wrong or typing something, some parm, smewhere wrong.

  • Ok thanks Pawel. Can anyone point me to the files where I need to change the url for the "Groups" tab in the navigation menu? Right now it points to /all which should be removed when using this plugin. Also the links/tabs inside the plugin seems to point to blank pages. I appologize for being a noob, but I'm learning about Elgg every day and I love this system. I have 4 Elggs set up already on different domains :)

  • think this is what you are looking for brian:

    // Set up the menu
    $item = new ElggMenuItem('groups', elgg_echo('groups'), 'groups/all');
    elgg_register_menu_item('site', $item);

    would be in the start.php of the groups, line 24......

  • Thanks so much for your speedy reply costakisc! 

    So I figured out that it was in the normal groups plugin on line 24 that I should change the code and not in the community groups plugin. So far so good.

    Now the Groups tab in the navigation menu works! The community group tabs does not however? I'm trying to search through the code myself, but, noob alert.

    A small detail (I hope), I would love to remove the word "Groups:......" in all the community groups tabs?

  • code changes here, there, line this, line that.. ? if you're really such a 'noob', why not listen a little? my tests needed *no code changes; you do not need to muck about withall that code.. somethiing will break soon.

  • Thank you for your reply DhrupDeScoop.

    I'm glad your tests needed no code change, but are you saying that if it does not work on mine I should not ask for help or try to fix the problem because it worked on your site? What is it that I have not listened to?

    Did you read my posts in this thread?

    The "Groups" tab in the navigation menu took me to a blank page. After I changed the code it now shows the community groups page, but the tabs still takes me to blank pages.

    I love this plugin and any help is deeply appreciated DhrupDeScoop

  • if it works within < 3 mins for my testing;
    but if you've got problems that lasts days -
    time to step back & relax & rethink.

    #    changing code as you're doing is (*always) a bad idea.
    #    proper way to test some new plugin =>
          *no other 3rd party plugins -- zero!
          then install & test
    #    if you have already made other 'code changes' here & there?
          you will have little idea whether those are screwing up this new test

    the code changes you've been doing -- always & everyone with
    several years or more experience will tell`ya - *dont do that!

    e.g your 'blank page' for /all ? more code is not answer.. maybe 
    needed 'less code'. first figure out *why problem is caused; then
    fix *that part.. it's too easy to get carried away with 'learning php'. 

    driving ->
    it is not knowing how to drive that matters
    it is knowing how to stop that will get you places!
    true ?!

    if it does not work on your install..
    do not rush to write more code
    figure out why.

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