How do I edit the entries ?

how do i edit the display entries, for example the bookmarks on this front page I want the username of the bookmark poster to be right next to the Title of the bookmark .?

  • @Sirwan

    You keep posting the same style of message asking for help.

    You should spend some time studying the code so that you can gain a deeper understanding of how Elgg does it's magic. You should not just ask for "help me please..." without studying the code for yourself. What you're looking to do with the bookmarks listing might take a few hours of code effort. Do you really expect someone else to spend that sort of time ?

    You should read the code so that you can learn better for yourself ;-)


  • I give up i dont think elgg will take off as well as i thought it will if you say it may take a FEW HOURS JUST TO CHANGE THE DISPLAY.

  • And Iv read the massive amount of documents, i still cant find where i can edit the display of these lists.


    Iv checked all the VIEW FILES..

  • Can anyone please tell me what view file i have to open up in the Bookmark plugin folder, just to change the list display on the frontpage, .

    how do i get the posters name next to the bookmark title... WHAT FILE DO I OPEN UP. iv read the docs still cant get help.

  • Dhrup is right I could figure this out but not off the top of my head, which means I would have to open up the files to look and then figure it out for myself before turning around to write my conclusions. This process would take me at least an hour maybe more. Unless someone else has done this AND CAN REMEMBER how they did it, it will take time and effort on our part to help. Helping is one thing, Working is another. We all have our own sites we are trying to customise ourselves. Be patient. If someone reads this thread who knows the answer, they will tell you. If on the other hand you find the answer yourself,  Post it back here, then the next person who is looking for the same answer will find it

  • Sirwan.... ;-)

    *read the code

    The full html content comes from Elgg functions being called by the php code.

    If you want to "patch" the content.. you *will have to look inside the ***code and ***read the code.

    There is no quick and easy way...

  • but thats exactly what iv been doing, Iv looked into every file of the "bookmark" plugin... even the css files. In the bookmark plugin i can only change the widgets, but these at the front page cannot be changed for some reason, in the custom_index (the one that comes by default) only display is by this line: -


            <!-- display latest bookmarks -->
            <div class="index_box">
                <h2><?php echo elgg_echo("custom:bookmarks"); ?></h2>
                    if (isset($vars['area6']))
                        echo $vars['area6']; //DISPLAY BOOKMARK


    The above code is in the new_index.php file of the custom_index plugin. iv looked into both plugins for this.

  • or

    echo "<pre>";
    print_r ( $area6);
    echo "</pre>";