Why People Leave Elgg

There was a time, long ago, when i was actively learinig elgg. Then I upgraded and most of the custom work i did went away. Been so long i also do not remember the few things i got the hang off.

But I really like using Elgg. It has features I have NOT yet found in competing social scripts.

In talking to others, who like myself, looked elsewhere for an alternative, I discovered that the ONLY things that bugged them (and me) are there things:

WHY cant there be a feature so that first time visitors can know what the site is all about?
This should be standard, without having to do any coding, it's common sense.

WHY cant simple embed be included? I cant even embed a YouTube video without a plugin.

WHY cant it allow static pages? And then give them option to be on the top menu.

Now, here is how to wipe the competitors off the map:

Give it a feature to defines membership to be FREE or PAID (with paypal).

There is no reason to have to hunt down info to get these basic functionalities done.

I am grateful for the support I've received in this community, and i have even contributed free plugins, but alas! it is so fustrating that I need to create a membership site but if I use Elgg visitors will NOT have any idea what the site is all about. Very upsetting.

Any suggestions?

How can I get info posted in the HOME PAGE to let visitors know what it is about?

its like asking a car manufacturer, who made a great car, to please add doors to the car.



ps: trust me, there are many others who think like this - some surfed on to OXWALL.

Whereas Oxwall have these features already, they do not have the group functionalities that Elgg does. in fact, I have yet to figure out what  their group features are (none so far!)

Im for Elgg -- but please have the devs think about this so basic feature/s

wow .... I got it off my chest -- I feel better now ....  no offense meant to anyone

  • We are also looking into modifying the wire (or shoutout maybe) to so some custom things.

  • I'm confused... the river *is* a news feed.  And the wire has replies/threads...

  • Dear Matt Beckett I do not understand what wire is? Full of cunfusion even for webmasters let alone users to understand. If someone wants to update profile status why we have to go to the wire? Should be a simply river activity (in facebook they call news feed). The wire has reply & thread system which users do not like to use so many options to simply update the status.

    Should be News Feeb type river activity where users can leave comment under each other comments.

    On my site if people post something in the wire then they have to go to that wire page to post reply/ thread. Why not direct from the hope page to reply comments?

  • Simple:

    wire = twitter

    river = activity


    Everything you're complaining about can be done fairly easily.  Just because it's not done exactly the way facebook does it out of the box does not mean it's broken.  Elgg != Facebook, but it can be tweaked to do whatever you need.

  • Hahaha thanks bro Matt Beckett but river does not have any comment or reply system. Wire is just confusing users. Should be river or wire one thing there in the home page where users can post short message update about anythin and other users can comment under that... I am dying for commenting system but do not have :(

    I am sure elgg woud have everything soon, takes time but possible and soon gonna see everything here as people like you Matt Beckett and other experts are doing their best.

    The MOST wanted thing I would LOVE to see that activity system with commenting system :D

  • like matt said, it can be easily modified to make it just like that.  instead of doing mods myself, i chose to use hypeWall and hypeAlive, and it operates just like FB.  i update my status from the activity or wire, it shows on both and profile, has a ajaxed threaded commenting system with likes and report button, and i the users can delete items from the actitivity page that they have posted.

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