Why People Leave Elgg

There was a time, long ago, when i was actively learinig elgg. Then I upgraded and most of the custom work i did went away. Been so long i also do not remember the few things i got the hang off.

But I really like using Elgg. It has features I have NOT yet found in competing social scripts.

In talking to others, who like myself, looked elsewhere for an alternative, I discovered that the ONLY things that bugged them (and me) are there things:

WHY cant there be a feature so that first time visitors can know what the site is all about?
This should be standard, without having to do any coding, it's common sense.

WHY cant simple embed be included? I cant even embed a YouTube video without a plugin.

WHY cant it allow static pages? And then give them option to be on the top menu.

Now, here is how to wipe the competitors off the map:

Give it a feature to defines membership to be FREE or PAID (with paypal).

There is no reason to have to hunt down info to get these basic functionalities done.

I am grateful for the support I've received in this community, and i have even contributed free plugins, but alas! it is so fustrating that I need to create a membership site but if I use Elgg visitors will NOT have any idea what the site is all about. Very upsetting.

Any suggestions?

How can I get info posted in the HOME PAGE to let visitors know what it is about?

its like asking a car manufacturer, who made a great car, to please add doors to the car.



ps: trust me, there are many others who think like this - some surfed on to OXWALL.

Whereas Oxwall have these features already, they do not have the group functionalities that Elgg does. in fact, I have yet to figure out what  their group features are (none so far!)

Im for Elgg -- but please have the devs think about this so basic feature/s

wow .... I got it off my chest -- I feel better now ....  no offense meant to anyone

  • The only thing that bugs me is that The Wire only had few small changes that in the end, weren't that important. No Link Preview Generator? No Youtube embed in the wire? Cannot post a comment to a wire post in the activity page, only in the wire page.

    After all these years, the wire seems like it was abandoned, no really bright feature has been added. We have to write (Mariano, me) plugins to enhance the capabilities of the wire, which weren't that hard to do. We used things already available everywhere.

    I do love elgg, I really do, but there are some things that seems to be abandoned.

  • @rjcalifornia: very true, wire seems to be a bit rudimentary regarding its capabilities, but with the plugins of yours and others it's upgradable to a level of good usability. The wire has evolved to the main channel of communication on my Elgg site - which is a meeting point of university students (some 1000 of them, all born on or after 1990), therefore I could play the opportunity game of not providing them with a user's manual beforehand, and they were the ones to decide what to use (blogging, pages, forum and news were available at the time of start).

  • i've always said and still say until my dying day -->
    The beauty of elgg is,
    while we cannot undo what is done,
    we can see it,
    understand it,
    learn from it and change.
    So that
    every new moment is spent
    not in regret,
    guilt, fear or anger,
    but in wisdom, understanding and code.

    there's too many foss pkgs and platforms these days..
    to keep on (harping) about elgg being goood and all that..
    just because ut is 'free' - it's a hackneyed, worn-out and
    a moot point, no longer a 'plus' to be hoihlighted, more
    a 'side-effect' of the platform. elgg is.. well.. 'Elgg!'
    and when it was made - they made no other like it !
    it 'fits' - that's people keep wearing it !

    " ease @ extensibility " is what keeps me here !  i've twisted
    elgg into several different unique implementations that serves
    different and unique purposes and the entending has always
    been... 'easy' !;-P as easy as coding php the first time.
    no messing about - just code n load n go!

  • Elgg is in fact good. Easy to extend is one of the main features I like. You don't have to spend a lot of time trying to figuring things out. However, we have to remember that it needs to move forward. We don't want elgg to become the next 'IBM of the 90's' which was stuck in the same old things that almost made it fade away.

    The fact that some things could come 'right out the box' could help expand elgg. I'm not saying people are not willing to learn or code, it is just that may be they don't have time for that and look for a quick and robust solution.

  • My two cents here:

    The problem is not discuss if ELGG works out of the box. The problem is discuss if ELGG can work, and yes, it can.

    I came from Drupal and thei have a distribution system, called "essentials" or something like this. They offer the core installation with a lot of plugins pre-installed.

    Think about ELGG with Tidypics, some antispam plugin, embed extender, profile manager and so on.

    Today the new users feel confused about what to use. I felt it tow years ago. There are a LOT of abandoned plugins, and two or three plugins doing the same thing.

    What do you think, friends? How about a "ELGG Essentials"? We can stay clear that some plugins doesnt belong to the core package, and support must be asked in plugins page. Is simple (I think)

  • I like the idea of promoting some hand-picked sets of 3rd party plugins (as "essentials"/"distros" or whatever), but it's very difficult to gain consensus on what to include. If Elgg is a carmarker, there is no "model" that would please many site owners*.

    Re: thewire. As with several Elgg core plugins, google "pluginname_tools" and you'll get some nice new features by the ColdTrick team.

    *I'd like to see a plugin (or set of) to turn Elgg basically into a simple CMS/personal blog. I think this would show off the flexibility of the core, and give devs more personal investment in driving the platform.

  • I LOVE elgg in all the open source scrips but but but the thing I DO NOT LIKE in elgg is the wire system so annoying and hard for users to understand. Even there is no comments options in default wire activites.

    Elgg core should have news feed system same as other all social networking sites have.

    I still do not have the option when someone posts in wire there is no way to give comment. Maybe there are plugins for that but I can not find those plugins ask to install their framwork first which is more annoying.

    Wish if elgg core can make a nice news feed. Otherwise everything is simply amazing in elgg and I wish all the best to elgg team for the bright future.


  • With more polish, shoutout could be a good replacement for thewire in core. It's been pulled in several directions by particular site needs, but could be groomed nicely for core.

  • The VERY MALICIOUS Spam bots are the biggest problem. They seem to get through any protection. I've got a tiny community site running and I was out on a holiday for a week and BLAM tens of thousands of spam messages. And I've got good spam protection. It's insane and cleaning up the mess takes days and the users leave.

    The other big problem is that you can't move a topic, blog etc. form one group to another. Such a simple and important thing is completely missing, which is very strange.

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