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I have just installed elgg on my server, excellent software. I now have it how I want it but I cant find the html to edit for About, Terms and Privacy. I wonder if anyone can help me locate these files so I can edit them.


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  • it's a core plugin that lets you edit it's content without touching php files via admin page (yourelggsite.com/admin > appearance > site pages)

  • How easy was that... I didn't look hard enough...

    Many thanks for the quick reply


  • @Cim:At what point in the site pages plugin will I add the links to the "terms" "Privacy" "About" pages?

    How do I add more site pages?

  • @kxx4: you don't need to add any links for the pages to appear. If you add any content to these pages (via admin section on the "Configure" - "Appearance" - "Site pages" page) this content will show up on the pages (which are accessible via the links in the site footer).

    You can't add more pages other than the predefined "Privacy", "About" and "Terms" pages without modifying the plugin. But if you need to add more you could also use the anypage plugin (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/868809/1.2/anypage). These pages won't be accessible via footer links out of the box. But you could add footer links (footer menu items) easily via a little plugin that contains code like

        $wg_item = new ElggMenuItem('my_link_identifier', elgg_echo('my_plugin:menu_item_text'), 'mypage/path');
        elgg_register_menu_item('walled_garden', $wg_item);

        $footer_item = clone $wg_item;
        elgg_register_menu_item('footer', $footer_item);

  • yeah what iionly said, it'll appear in the footer area

  • @iionly:where exactly do i add this code you provided?

  • Take a look at start.php of the bundled externalpages plugin. There's the code that adds the links for the terms, privacy and about pages to the footer. In the externalpages plugin the code is include in the expages_setup_footer_menu() function. This function is then called in the init function. So, either create your own little plugin to create the footer link or add the code for example to your theme plugin if you use any. If you want to, you could also simply add the above coded to the init function (of course you need to adjust the code to fit your requirement like for example change the 'mypage/path' view path according to the view path of the page you created with the anypage plugin).

  • What's the easiest way to make these site pages (About, Privacy, Terms) public in spite of walled garden?

  • easiest way is to make about.php, privacy.php, and terms.php in your root directory of your elgg then manually add <a> the tag by pointing the src to yourelgg.com/about.php (privacy, etc)

    it's the only easiest way i can think of which is a basic HTML code. you should know that if you are running an elgg site. it's fundamentals!