Suggestion about translating Elgg action words

Do you use some other language in your Elgg than English? If so I wish you would give comments about this idea.

Elgg has a lot of generic action words:

"Delete", "Accept", "Reject", "Ban", "Open", "Close", etc.

It would be useful to have a similar translation for example for "[action] all":

"Delete all", "Accept all"," "Reject all", etc.

...and for "[action] selected items":

"Delete selected items", "Accept selected items", "Reject selected items", etc

There would be an awful amount of repetitive translation strings in Elgg if all these words had their own translation.

So how about adding specialized action strings:


// 'delete' => 'Delete'
$delete = elgg_echo('delete');
// 'action:all' => '% all'
$delete_all = elgg_echo('action:all', $delete);
// Prints "Delete all"
echo $delete_all


// 'delete' => 'Delete'
$delete = elgg_echo('delete');
// 'action:selected' => '% selected items'
$delete_selected = elgg_echo('action:selected', $delete);
// Prints "Delete selected items"
echo $delete_selected

With this kind of approach there would be not need to repeat similar translations in the language file.

But the question is: would this idea work with all the different languages?

(The "Multilingual Elgg" group might had been the correct place for this topic but then again that group has 91 members and this one has 1000.)

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