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Hi. I am new to here and would like to ask for advice. 

I just installed 1.8.11 several days ago (thank you for creating such a good script) and installed quite a few plugins for my social networking site aiming for students. Since my site is heavily based on plugins from the community, I do not want to upgrade my site to version 1.9.0 (when it is hopefully out this year). Is there any problem to my site in the long term (other than new functions and better security etc)? I do not want to upgrade and wait for new plugins/making my site inassessible for the students. Do any one of you still using the older version of elgg? Please give me some advice.


  • if you're heavily dependent on plugins then you should just wait until all of your plugins are available for 1.9, there are a lot of people here who still uses 1.7 though. i'm not sure if the views/functions will change for 1.9 but while you wait, you should learn and study the anatomy of elgg. that way you can port 1.7/1.8 plugins to 1.9 and up

  • I'm still on Elgg 1.7 with my site due to missing Elgg 1.8 compatible versions of some plugins. Bad luck of me that I'd chosen to use quite a number of plugins when I started my site (on Elgg 1.6) that are now no longer supported by their original developers. My plan is of course being able to upgrade to Elgg 1.8 at some point but in the meantime Elgg 1.7 still works fine on my site. I know it might not work for everyone but at least I can work on my own on developing Elgg 1.8 versions of the necessary plugins (OSS plugins / GNU license), so I'm at least not at a dead-end with Elgg 1.7.

    There's no need to upgrade to Elgg 1.9 immediately after it gets released. The current policy is to support the latest two major trees, i.e. when Elgg 1.9 will get released the support for Elgg 1.8 (core) with security updates will be continued until Elgg 1.10 will get released. So, you will have some (or maybe even plenty of) time before it might get critical to upgrade.

    Of course, it depends on the plugins you use on your site (that is on their complexity and dedication of their developers) how long it might take for Elgg 1.9 compatible updates getting released once Elgg 1.9 is out. Right now Elgg 1.9 is said to not change as much compared to Elgg 1.8 as Elgg 1.8 changed compared to Elgg 1.7. So, it might happen that Elgg 1.9 compatible updates of plugins might get released sooner (and hopefully also for more available plugins) after Elgg 1.9 will be released. Once new versions are available for all the plugins used on your site you can decide to upgrade or not. If you decide against it even after Elgg 1.8 support has been ended you still can continue to use Elgg 1.8. This is fully okay until a security issue might arise that has not been found before (and won't get fixed then anymore). Of course, nobody can say now if this might be the case - and if yes, how long it might take for such an issue to be found after support for Elgg 1.8 has ended.

    What I've learned though is that commercial plugins could be problematic regarding updates. So, I decided to avoid any commercial plugins whenever possible in the future. If you have some bad luck, the developer decides to not release any new versions for a new Elgg version anymore or you might need to pay again to receive any new version. Don't get me wrong! That's perfectly okay by the developer who need to earn money for a living. But from the point of view of someone who uses these plugins it's a possible risk using them if you don't know what costs might await you in the future if you like to continue to use them. Also, the changes for someone else to continue the development if the original developer is out are equal zero for commercial plugins. Or at least you won't get hold of any new versions as their license most likely doesn't allow publishing them by someone else. With GNU (or similar) licensed plugin there is at least the chance that someone else continues the plugin development and publishes new versions in case the original developer is not available anymore.

  • We still are as well using elgg 1.7 after our 3 upgrade attempts went horrible wrong. We are using the latest 1.7 version, so we are up to date in that way.

    You should stick with 1.8 until it is no longer supported. But always keep in mind that you will have to upgrade eventually.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Thanks for all the valuable comments!  @rjcalifornia: May I ask why you think I will have to upgrade eventually? Is it just because it will be no longer supported or other issues that may arise?