How to Change User Name?

I am using to host our elgg site.

How do I contact tech support about a couple of issues I am having? I have left tickets there with no answer. 

The Youtube plugin doesn't allow me to play the videos I find and when I search Vimeo I get a fatal error.

How do you search for and add plugins?

How do you change the username of a profile?

  • To add plugins to your elgg site, use an FTP client. And there's currently no feature to change usernames without touching the database. Only way is to manually change it in your database which is a bad thing if you don't know what you're doing.

  • Thank You for answering the question about the username. Maybe it is because we are the site that we do not have the access to advantage of using a FTP CLient or it may be because we are using its trial period.

    Is it recommended we use our own hosting provider to host our elgg site rather than

  • We don't provide support for and aren't involved with that service. is a commercial product by Thematic Networks / Curverider (the original coporate developers) and uses a customized version of Elgg.