correct way to upgrade?

sorry i accidentally closed this thread
(thought i was done with it, and assumed i could reopen it; will keep this one open).

So i found out i still havent sorted out how to ugrade correctly.

I begin with elgg installed here:
- mamp/htdocs/

I try to upgrade to
- mamp/htdocs/
by doing this:
* downloading new elgg, and put folder into new path
* copying over mod folder keeping older mods
* copying over old .htaccess
* manually running this script on db as described here

/*We must now change 4 entries in the database. */
/*This is easily accomplished with 4 simple SQL commands:*/
/*Change the installation path*/
UPDATE `elgg_datalists` SET `value` = "/var/www/elgg-1.8.12/" WHERE `name` = "path";

/* Change the data directory*/
UPDATE `elgg_datalists` SET `value` = "/var/data/elgg-1.8.12/" WHERE `name` = "dataroot";

/*Change the site URL*/ UPDATE `elgg_sites_entity` SET `url` = "http:port//";
/*Change the filestore data directory # (Only change the first path here!!)*/
UPDATE elgg_metastrings set string = '/var/data/elgg-1.8.12/' WHERE id = (SELECT value_id from elgg_metadata where name_id = (SELECT * FROM (SELECT id FROM elgg_metastrings WHERE string = 'filestore::dir_root') as ms2) LIMIT 1) ;

* I then run upgrade.php but get sent to the url: http://localhost:port/

What am i doing wrong?
Any idea where i got that extra address bit from?