Group activity widget for Elgg 1.8.6

Is there a plugin that provides a group activity widget for Elgg 1.8.6? I'm making my own using the RSS widget and the RSS feed for the group activity but I would like to bypass a few steps and just add the widget directly if possible. I've looked around and haven't seen anything for Elgg 1.8

  • Hmm... I have the option to have a group activity button when I create or edit a group but I do not have the option in my list of group widgets for a group activity widget.

  • @ Ed, try or check this link and let me know if that is what you  are asking for. Click the Add Widget on the right side of the website, just bellow the site Copyright sign and you will see Group membership.

    Let me know if this is what you are asking for...

  • Sorry, there is no default option for providing group activities alone in profile widget format. What I mentioned was about the group activity widget (in group profile page).

    You can easily create a widget for the profile with the same code inside the activity widget. 

  • @Tom, Yes, I'm looking for something like that within the context of an individual group.

    @Webgalli: Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

    To elaborate a little. When I am within a group that I own, I can add widgets to the group page (Webgalli: group profile page?). There is no option for "Group activity" when selecting widgets. I am using Elgg 1.8.6. I have been creating my own Group activity widget by adding an RSS feed widget, clicking the "Group Activity" button, then the rss feed icon for that page, copying the URL, and pasting the URL into the rss feed widget. I would like to do this automatically by just selecting a widget named "Group activity" from the list of widgets that can be added on the group page. On my site, group admins often do not have programming chops so I want to make this as simple a process as possible.

  • that 'Group activity' block (not a widget widget;) is already put into the group profile page display after you check it on.

  • I am not sure, probably you are using some third party plugin for managing group widgets. In default elgg installation, there is a group tool called activity. If you enable this while editing the group, it will show the latest river entries inside the group. The third party plugin may be missing this widget.

  • Thanks everyone. It looks like it's an issue with the Widget Manager plugin. That plugin does not seem to have a widget for Group Activity.

  • Awesome, Matt! Thanks! This is exactly what I needed.

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