Backup Elgg

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for what to back up when making a backup of an Elgg website? I recently had a crash/lockout, and wanted to restore, but had nothing backed up. Database, Folder and anything else? THanks!


  • I can recommend that you do the following two step procedure:

    1) Backup all your files in your ellg installation.  Ideally, you will be able to log into your server and create a zipped or tarballed file of your entire elgg installation and then download that using ftp.  If not, then simply download all the files using ftp.  That takes care of the file portion.


    2) Backup your database.  You should look into using phpmyadmin from your host control panel, or somehow from your server.  Once you have found a way to access your elgg database thru phpmyadmin, just google how to perform a database backup, it's very easy.


    sorry, i'm a bit rushed, but hopefully that gets you started. . .


  • I'd check the Elgg documentation. You might find something like this:

  • I popped mine up from GoDaddy's recommendation and just tarball it with a script.  Database I can clone in PHPAdmin panel.


  • Great, thanks for everyones comments!

  • Hi my database is getting rather big and Im worried this might cause problems if I need to restore my site databse back again in case of a problem. I know from experiance that large databases can cause problems when importing in myphpadmin. What is a busy elgg database size? any ideas

  • phpmyadmin is limited by the constraints of php's upload size and max execution time.  It's definitely not ideal for backing up or restoring large databases - it's good for browsing, editing, running test queries etc.  For large database import/export you should use command line mysql:


    mysqldump -uUSERNAME -p DATABASE_NAME > database_backup.sql


    mysql -uUSERNAME -p DATABASE_NAME < database_backup.sql

  • Hi ALL,

    Is there any best practice for back-up I tried other form and elgg WIKI. I need to take full back up of my site like images \videos or other content .