Fatal error, admin setup, during installation

In the last step of the installation, creating the admin account, I get this error after clicking ok.

An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged. Contact the site administrator with the following information: Exception #1357221371.


I have tried 3 times, with the same results. Deleting the entire ftp folder each time and uploading it again and starting over.

  • Thanks Cim

    DhrupDeScoop, I was always thinking I must be doing something wrong, however, all the server stuff I always copy / paste so I really doubt I could have somehow screwed that up the 10 times I installed it. For me it's a mystery.

    I'm getting this error: "Your data directory /home/www/songwriterworkshop.com/sww_elgg_data must be outside of your install path for security."

  • root/elgg files


  • not be so sure that we're always typing correct code all the time !;-)  i've been doing this code stuff for 40+ years **and the last time i did a typo in my elgg install abt some months back - cost me ~2 weeks to find that little little fella ! so there! maybe you consistently copy/pasted the wrong data stuff ?have you ever seen a one byte missing comma code issue take several weeks to figure ? i (q.happily;) have.

    and watch what matt said above - some hosts do have quirky differences for mysql hostname. *and i *know that error "mysql_connect() : php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: " very well --> db issues! most likely the mysql hostname.

    here's the db data fields' entry. if get that error again -- *post your data here* not just describe the error ;-P


  • Sorry, I've been ill :)

    I copy paste the date directy from my web host, so I don't think it really can be an error?

    But I have gotten my installations working now, it's really just the matter of installation paths that has me confused.

    How can I install Elgg at the root, and still have the data folder outside the elgg path?


  • "root" is not "document root". And the "document root" of your server most definitely is not the root directory of the server. I thought my explanations in my last posting explained a few things. Well, maybe it didn't but I don't know how to tell it any better.

  • I appreciate your help iionly, and I'm sorry to be such a noob.

    I don't understand how the drawing answers my question. I'm not really asking what to put into the fiels during installation. The system is telling me that I cannot have the data folder in the same folder as the rest of the Elgg installation. And this is what confuses me. Other members here were telling me to put Elgg at the root mydomain.com/elgg - rather than inside a subfolde mydomain.com/subfolder/elgg and I would also prefer that rather than redirecting to a subfolder. But as you can see below the system is giving me error messages ...


    Configure site

    We need some information about the site as we configure Elgg. If you haven't created a data directory for Elgg, you need to do so now.

    site name (name of my network) 

    Site email address (info@mydomain)

    Site URL (http://www.mydomain.com)

    Elgg Install Directory (/home/www/mydomain)

    Data Directory (/home/www/mydomain)

  • your sww_elgg_data must be in a different directory than your elgg install directory:

    elgg install directory


    elgg data directory


    notice how the sww_elgg_data directory is outside of your install directory. do you get it now? if you don't then i don't know how much clearer we can explain to you.

  • The picture is not by me. It was posted by Dhrup. With "my last posting" I was referring to the last message on the second page of this discussion topic where I tried to explain some terms about webhosting.

    "mydomain.com/elgg" is already a subfolder in your domain. The main domain folder (=document root folder) would be the folder on your server that is assigned with "mydomain.com".

    As the exact path to the document root folder is server specific I can't give you the exact path where to create the data directory.

    Is it "/home/www/songwriterworkshop.com" or "/home/songwriterworkshop.com/www"? Both could the the document root. In the first case I would imagine you have some other directory you are allowed to save data on the server, e.g. /home/<username> (maybe ask the support of your provider about it). In the latter case "/home/songwriterworkshop.com" would be the user home directory and the perfect place to create the data directory.

  • i'm running a local MAMP (mac, apache, mysql, php) setup on my macbook, so this is how my elgg installation setup looks like.


    htdocs is the root directory of my local server, root directory as in where HTML, PHP, images, etc. will be served to the outside world.

    elgg wants you to put your data folder outside of root directory (htdocs) because it's a special folder where the outside world can't access. so as you can see, the data folder is outside of the root directory of the server

  • As Cim and iionly have said, it's about having the data directory accessible to the outside world - it's a security issue.  Your publicly accessible folder - your 'webroot' is server dependent, you obviously know where that is because that's where you've been putting elgg.  Your data directory must be elsewhere - it can be anywhere really, but typically you'll have it in a directory beside that webroot.

    eg. On a linux host this is what mine might look like:

    Webroot: /home/mbeckett/public_html/

    Dataroot: /home/mbeckett/data/


    Anything in public_html is accessible to the web.  Anything data is not.