Blog entries "draft" not shown for group containers, Rel. 1.8.11

Hi Gents,

It seems to be an issue in module blog at Elgg Rel. 1.8.11.

The blog entries with status=draft are not shown when the container is a group.  I think that the issue is at line 105 of lib/blog.php file.


// show all posts for admin or users looking at their own blogs

// show only published posts for other users.

$show_only_published = true;
if ($current_user) {
   if (($current_user->guid == $container_guid) || $current_user->isAdmin()) {   <----  What about Groups ???
      $show_only_published = false;
if ($show_only_published) {
   $options['metadata_name_value_pairs'] = array(
   array('name' => 'status', 'value' => 'published'),

$list = elgg_list_entities_from_metadata($options);


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