Activity for logged in user only on Elgg 1.8.11

Hi, everyone here. Are you know how to make activity accessible for logged in user only. I know about using of gatekeeper();

But I can't find which mod that handle activity onn Elgg 1.8.11. I have searching on Google, but what I found can't be applied on Elgg 1.8.11 

  • @DrupDeScoop: Just help if you want, and left if you don't like it. This is Open Source software not only advanced users that have the right for use it. There is nothing wrong if advanced user trying to help beginner like me.

  • don't mind dhrup, that's his way of joking around lol. he too was once a "beginner", i still got a LONG way to go!

  • His way to blame a beginners like me LoL


  • drafha: @everybody is giving you their time to help you!

    however - you still need to make the effort yourself as well ;-)
    you keep saying that you are a beginner and not very good with php;..
    so - if you will bite the hands that are feeding you ?
    the chances for learning become less...

    the one kind of beginner who will not last very long
    is the kind that learns to only ask questions and take verbatim code,
    with detailed line-by-line instructions on how and
    exactly where to put such code..

    the choice will be yours on what you wish to learn..
    and while we hold your hands we will expect you
    to make that effort to start asking more intelligent questions
    so that we know that we are not all wasting our time.

    you will sometimes be helped like someone helps their own children..
    with a lot of caring.. but if you abuse that privilege or
    not use the help wisely... you will not get very far....;-P

    'advanced..' is just another word for all those
    who have tried by themselves as well to learn ;-oO

    yes - i was a beginner once too !;-)
    but i learned to stop asking questions
    so that i would have more time to
    learn to spread wings and fly....;-oO;x:P
    php was once a pizza brand to me !;-)

    kuchh sikhnaa hai kya ?

  • I have try it by my self also search it on google but if I can't found the answer then I ask here, what is your problem now? Do you never meet a people below me? I have learn many things by my self, I learn web publishing, modification, and many things about internet by my self there is no this lesson on my school. Do you ever hear the idioms "malu bertanya tersesat di jalan", translate it. It better to ask if you can't.
    Moreover I never ask it to you. So, can you please just left if you does not like my question, my way to learn. You learn to stop asking, it is your way not mine. I learn from asking and experience of another person and mine.

  • DaScoop is making friends again.....lolerz....


  • i know many idioms.. ;-) no need to bertnya teman-ku dari duniya bahasa melayu ;-P kapan kamumau belajar dengan kepalamu tetapi tidakhanya mulutmu ? akutidak bekas google bekas tidak bukus untukini ?? aku belajar dengan isteriku dari malang lolzzzz! ;-P dan tahu banyak bahasa-bahasa - tidak hanya php lolz ;-P tetapi aku belajar tanpa pertanyan kamu mencoba !! ;-oO;X;P kamu tidak di elgg-ini sebulum.. kapan aku tolong terman2ku di bahasamelayu, sini..! selamat jalan.

  • LoL
    Are you proud of talking melayu by using translator? Sorry, i'm not speak Melayu. I'm speak on Bahasa.
    I have told you, It is my way learn by asking and experience of another person and mine. If you does not learn by asking, that is YOUR WAY not MINE..
    Thank you and talk with my hand, bye.. 

  • by the way DRAFHA, if you still want to give non logged in users a message when they're redirected away from activity then have a look at this

    Remember to use calls to system_message (for positive feedback) or register_error (for warnings and errors) in your file, to let the user know what's happened. These are called using:

    system_message('Your message');


  • Thank you..
    Don't know why the Tidypics fatal error is now gone by it self.
    Also now I use the menu builder for hide the menu :)