Community based on private groups only

Hi all,


I'm considering if elgg is the best tool for my needs and need your help.

I would like to setup a community with a couple of private groups. Members of a group should

  • see other group members only,
  • see group related content only,
  • see group related discussions only,
  • see group related stuff on the activity stream / dashboard only

Is that possible with elgg? Out-of-the box or with plugins or does this require modifications or is elgg the wrong tool for that?





  • It's definitely possible, though not out of the box.  It will require some custom coding to enforce restricted access, but the base system is there and malleable enough that I would consider elgg an appropriate tool.

  • Hi Uwe,

    did you manage to create your groups only community? How?

    I would like to do something like:

    • every user when registering to the site chooses a group, which is closed;
    • in the navbar he should see the Activity, Blog, Pages, Photo, File and so on of his group and not the site wide one

    Any help is very appreciated :-)