Css problem with calendar

I have downloaded  plugin "hypeEvents" today.  But there is a bit of problem with css i think.

Here is the snapshot of calendar



As you can see the right side is little hidden.

The plugin developer told me that

"The forms use jQuery UI calendar widget, as styled by Elgg. So, this issue doesn't really relate to hypeEvents. 

Try just echoing elgg_view('input/date') somewhere to double check."

So guys i have no idea where to begin with....

  • That is a core styling issue not related to the hype* plugins.  I've noticed it as well, just haven't had a chance to do anything about it.


  • With Kevin Jardine's event manager plugin the date picker seems to show up correctly. I guess if it's a CSS issue it might be worth checking what Elgg core and the hypeEvents plugin make differently compared to Kevin's plugin.

  • I think " Kevin Jardine's event manager" is for 1.7

    mine is 1.8 .

    Anyways I'll keep looking....

    Thanks anyways

  • There's an Elgg 1.8 version of Kevin's event calendar plugin available at github: https://github.com/kevinjardine/Elgg-Event-Calendar/tree/full

    (It won't be made available here at the site though)

  • The date picker default css is still like in the original picture though

  • @Matt: when using Kevin's event plugin for Elgg 1.8 from github the calendar / datepicker looks fine for me, i.e. the right border is not hiding anything. I've not tested the hypeEvent plugin, so I don't know if this would show up right or not though. I've also not managed to get a datepicker to show up by simply echo the input/date view as suggested above. In this case I only get an input field but not the jquery datepicker - would I need to call the view with some parameters to define the datepicker?

  • @iionly: ;-)
    the code for input date works oki-doki :=
        'name' => 'date1',
        'id' => 'date1',
        'value' => 'date1'

    With HypeEvent - the font inside the calendar looks a little bit too large to inside the div width.



  • On my production site I have Kevin's event_calendar, as well as one of my own that use this input and that's exactly how it looks.  Could your theme have fixed it?
    Also, it may be FF specific as that's my default browser - I haven't paid attention to it in other browsers.

  • * dear lord:= thou art in heaven.. yadda yadda -> how i hate thatta-ie 'broowzer' !;-P 
    * ismayil:= i stop knocking yr h-events code and css ;)
    * core team:= i reckons the elgg jquery ui css is 'kinda' all-a-ok ;-P 
    * the input/date seems 2 wanna behave & woiky oki @all my installs
    * all others:= a couple of screen shots with hype events' calendar date picker
        in diff browsers -- (a) SeaMonkey and (b) yuckkkz!} IE?! ~>






  • Ok, I've played around with this - mine is still like the original screenshot but I've found it depends on the font size rendered by the browser.  Mine was set to 16, at 14 it looks normal.  So perhaps the css should be set to hard-code the font size of the picker in px since the width is set hard with overflow:hidden.

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