need help from elgg developers

so i followed the my_blog tutorial on the elgg documentations and successfully made an elgg object. my question is how do i call that specific object's title globally? i'm trying this code out but it doesn't seem to work:

$blog = elgg_get_entities(array(
    'types' => 'object',
    'subtypes' => 'my_blog',
    'owner_guid' => elgg_get_page_owner_guid(),

echo $blog->title;

what am i doing wrong? i'm trying to write a plugin where there's an input box in a user's profile and the owner of the profile can only see this input box. i'm trying to populate that input box with the my_blog's title, i've tried descriptions and tags too but it doesn't seem to be working. btw that code is placed in views / default / profile / wrapper.php

i wish pulling data was just as easy as plugin settings via :

elgg_get_plugin_setting('plugin_value', 'plugin_name');

the only drawback to this code is that only admins can see this settings.