1.8.0 rc1: Non-existent images present in the system (river etc) & fatal error while viewing them.


I wanted to try out 1.8.0 rc1, and I hit some issues:

- When the upload of an image fails (say, due to image size being larger than allowed one), image is still listed as an empty image in the river and widgets. And when clicked, it gives:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in ...mod/tidypics/views/default/object/image/navigation.php on line 20

And I could not find a way to delete such "images" on UI. I shall try manual (DB & data directory) cleanup.

I tried (on plugin page for 1.8.0 rc1) Vladimir's fix but it did not work for me. There are also some other errors. I checked github but could not find an update there (other than a German language pack).

These errors you hit pretty fast. I know this is only a release candidate, but does anybody use tidypics in a live website and how?

If not what do you use for pictures? Any stable alternative?


  • Why are you using a release candidate of 1.8?

    The current version is at 1.8.11 which has a number of bugfixes, some of which are security related as well as a number of improvements.  Before I would even begin investigating any kind of bug I would upgrade to the latest version.

  • oh, I didn't realize you meant the version of tidypics - my apologies

  • No problem. I should have mentioned the tidypics explicitely in the text. I did not, because of the group name, but it can be confusing in the river. Best Regards.

  • you piqued my curiousity - what is vladimir's fix for this...? and - is the image size upload failure the only time this happens ? are there other situation which cause the ' fatal error.. non-object in.. ' error ?

  • Thank you DhrupDeScoop for your interest. To answer:

    - This is Vladimir's fix (on plugin page for version 1.8.0rc1):

    If upload not image on "basic uploader" it create empty TidypicsImage.

    fix it:

    file: \mod\tidypics\actions\photos\image\upload.php

    line: 54 after: $mime = tp_upload_get_mimetype($data['name']);

    insert code:

      if ($mime == 'unknown') {
        array_push($not_uploaded, $data['name']);
        array_push($error_msgs, 'tidypics:not_image');

    - The issue is not related to image size upload failure.

    Any failure during image upload (during the 2nd step of 3 step upload) seems to cause this. E.g. exceeding PHP memory limit. I have not fully investigated all cases. Therefore I only mentioned plugin image size exceed situation.

    - fatal error.. non-object in.. '

    I get this error at several cases. E.g. when as admin you go and change the access level of an albume created by another user from private to logged in users, and afterwards try to view this image. I get this error. Looks like in such a case, the admin seems to be the owner of the albume. I have not investigated all non-object cases.

    Finally, many people on the plugin page report successful use of this great plugin, therefore all these issues might be due to my environment.

  • oki ;) i think i've seen that problem after incomplete uploads before.. sometime.. i'm not an expert in tidypics at the user level (only the code;) but i'll have a look when i get to some testing tpix next time, soon.

  • Thanks Dhrup.

    Nobody else has this problem?