Independent Elgg Administration Dashboard

Hi guys!!

I have an idea. It came up to me after I was doing a Wordpress site, I installed a theme, which totally destroy the site. However the Administration area was fine, I just deactivated the theme. After that I installed a plugin, which again destroyed the site (lol) but I was able to deactive it without any issue.

Then I thought, wouldn't be totally awesome to have an Independent Elgg Administration Dashboard, where you if something goes wrong, you can easily deactivate the conflicting theme/plugin without having to create a 'disabled' file.

Any thoughts?

  • We've thought the same and that's one reason why we separated out the admin views and CSS in 1.8. Small steps, but I absolutely agree it's best not to let a single stray plugin take down the admin area!

  • That's was a small but a huge step. I know it is not gonna be easy, but site/administration independency would be another huge step forward for the platform.



  • A good while back I was playing around with a way to test loading plugins and then bail out if any PHP fatal errors were found. It was a huge hack inspired by another dev who works on a different OSS project. It never made it into core, but I'll have to see if anything can be salvaged from it...

  • It would be very good if something like that can be implemented, in the core. I mean, this would be a extremely good enhacement.

  • @brett - i'mm veyr curious abt the technology used for those hacks; ie did it involve any aspects of eval() or php -l invocation or other methods to load & verify code validity & (syntax, classes,etc) references without actual execution; so - an interactive 'sandbox' -like environment..?! wonder how far runkit could be used to create a real sandbox..