how to trigger uservalidation email sending?

Anyboy knows how to trigger the uservalidation email sending? if an unvalidated member tries to login he/she gets the validation email again...

I just want to use this triggering fucntion in my cron.. can anyone help me out?

thanks for your help

  • Check out the uservalidationbyemail plugin code.

    In start.php there's a plugin handler defined that is triggered when a new password is requested:

    // when requesting a new password
        elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('action', 'user/requestnewpassword', 'uservalidationbyemail_check_request_password');

    Then there's the action resent_validation.php defined in the uservalidationbyemail plugin.

    I think it should be possible to create the cron handler with this action and the uservalidationbyemail_check_request_password function as starting point.

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