Broken link in the Activity river listing when someone comments on a Poll

Hi All, hope you can help.


I'm running a site Using Elgg 1.8.9. I just notice that when someone comments on a poll I'm getting a strange entry in the Activity river, where normally I would get a link, I'm getting an entry like river:comment::object:default  - Photo below

River poll comment 


Any idea what this is and how to fix it?





  • What Poll plugin are you using? Could it be the language file of that plugiin needs an entry for river:comment:

  • I'm using the Polls plugin 0.8 - and looks like it is for elgg 1.7 - Maybe this is the problem??

    I can see in the discussion that there may be a newer version available on github, but not on the elgg site. Is this typical?

     I replaced the plugin the newer one and things are looking better!

  • Not tipical but it's good practice to spend time reading all the posts on a plugin before deciding to use it.

  • Had it installed for 1.7 before I upgraded the site. It was working earlier there, and appeared to be working in 1.8 until the commenting issue turned up.