Need a bid for set up with plug ins

Here is my function needs list:


o Status update – yes (core)

o Blog feed (core)

o Twitter feed (possible plugin – or custom code) – NO THIS IS CORE

o Their bio/resume (core)

o Summary (core)

o Picture (core)

o RSS feeds from other sites they’re interested in (e.g. Apostle Missions Trips) (right now only

at admin level) (possible plugin – or custom code)

o Prayer Wall (develop as core user)

• Ability to create a “network” of friends/connections (core)

• Ability to create groups that:

o Are open or closed - (core)

o That has a discussion feature with the ability to alert users when a topic is started and/or

commented on (core – may need some custom coding for alerts, need to do further testing here)

• Ability to upload photos and video (core – may need video support, need further testing here)

• Ability to group connections and the ability to broadcast only to select groups (there’s a plug in to create sub-groups within friends)

• Ability to create instant polls (plugins for polling)

• Email notification re: friends responding to comments or writes on Wall, or sends private messages,

etc (core)

• Ability to show degrees of separation between users (plug in by Jeroen Dalsem -

• Ability to match users with similar interests (custom code)

• Ability to advertise to a narrowly targeted audience (we can do this through Google ads - possible plugin – or custom code)

• Ability to create events and invite people and/or groups, etc. (some core – some custom code)

• Ability to send private messages - (core)

• Ability to IM (possible plugin – or custom code)

• Ability to be able to endorse someone else (or recommend) (plug-in – Zerply’s Widget)

• Ability to add notes and organizational clues to your contacts (upgraded feature?) (custom code)

• The ability to see how many potential people one could connect to given their current connections (custom code – will need the mathematical algorithm to code this)

• Ability to create a Needs Board:

o Volunteers needed (plug-in just change name)

o Job listings (plug-in just change name)

o Services needed (plug-in just change name)

• Ability to search by:

o Name (core)

o Interests (core)

o Type of business (core to some degree, but may require custom code if differentiated between business and user)

o Company/Organization name (core)

• Ability for companies and/or organizations to have their own profile page (core – same as regular user – custom code if want to differentiate as business vs user)

o Ability to rate those companies – small tweeks (plug-in by Rate Entities)

• Ability to have multiple layers of security, blocks, and permissions (Some security built into core – more definition of what security is desired and may require custom code depending on the behavior wanted)

• Media-driven FAQ and tutorials – (we will create content that will be searchable through tags)

• Feedback /suggestions (plug-in)

• Ability to share certain information, uploads etc with only certain groups of friends (some core, PLUG IN AVAILABLE -

• Ability to bring in 3rd party apps (e.g. shoutomatic) - (possible plugins – or custom code)

• Ability to flag questionable material (core)

• Add ability to flag photos as inappropriate (the core has this for a post in general, for photo specifically would be custom code)

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