Facebook Theme for Elgg 1.8 Download 1.4

Hello, I installed this theme and it worked good, but the words (Register and Lost password) appear displaced upwards.

Elgg Facebook theme

How can I to fix that.

Thanks for your time

  • Hi Luis..

    A css tweak should sort it out.. its possible another plugin is altering as I dont really use that theme.

    but try this, find

    #facebook-header-login .elgg-menu

    in views,default,facebook_theme,css.....

    and add this


    so it looks like this

    #facebook-header-login .elgg-menu {

    the margin-top is controlling the up and down so to speak.. so changing the value will put it where you want, but 24 should be about right (ish)

  • Hello MartinMagi,

    I found the file .css in this path:


    I put exactly the information you gave me for:

    #facebook-header-login .elgg-menu

    I just have to add:


    And this is the result....

    Thanks a lot :)

    Elgg Facebook theme ok

  • Hi Luis

    that looks much better:) you will find a lot of issues like that can be sorted out with the css once you figure out where most of it is coming from, a lot of the time its the same file but you can apply the same principle to any other bits that might need aligning etc.. good look with your project!


  • I had forgotten to say that I had to disable the facebook theme an later I reenabled it, this is the way.
    Luis Armando

  • Hello Martin?

    I wish that when a user clicks "All Groups" it would show all groups instead of just those they belong to,