MCSE CCIE Social Network Needs Professional Designer

Hi Guys... So, First of all... I LOVE ELGG!

I have several social networks that are doing better for me than my phpbb forums.

BUT... here's the frustration.

I just started a new social network for MCSE CCIE and OCM Engineers.

And I want a theme that looks really sleek... Like Quora or Pinterest.

Lots of the themes available for PHPBB are designed by pro design firms so they look tight.

But as awesome as the free and premium Elgg themes are... they just don't look like they were built by a full time graphic designer.

Can we get a pro designer involved to build some themes?

I'd be happy to chip in $100 to get this done. 

Anyone else?

  • Hi

    I have just finished a couple of themes, which I'm not sure I'm going to use, but was thinking at some point to see if they might be useful to someone else. I understand what you mean, though I appreciate the themes I've seen so far for elgg, they just didn't present how I wanted them to look. I am a designer more than a coder/developer etc, and I usually create several different designs before I settle on one with my own sites, but I always keep my other designs too, and just love designing.. more of a passion. Your more than welcome to have a peek if you want but they are more along the lines of the sites you mentioned, and I can show you them on a live site too a bit later on when I get back to my own computer. I've seen some of the themes for PHPBB too and some of them are stunning

    Just let me know if you would like to have a look at them and I will set them up and can send you some screens.

    Great Video by the way, love the Screens in the background.


  • Ouch... I thought my themes were ok :)

  • there is lots of awesome themes for Elgg  :) and they all rock but I wanted something truly minimal for my own site but hadn't really seen the sort of theme I had in mind.. but the themes that are out there are superb!

  • this is one of the ones I'm hoping to share to the community once I've finished some tweaks on it etc..


  • @sparkah you need to chip in like maybe $1000 and have a custom design done for you. There are many developers here that would be happy to assist you if needed. After you do then upload it here so we can all share and have the same design as you. But you are a webdesigner, have at it. Maybe you can contribute back with your design to help the community. But lets be serious, the free designs are more of a test to see if the community likes them or a test to hone their skills. Either way I don't think you will get what you want for $100. Designing to conform to elgg can take weeks if not months to develop.

  • yea, I agree Steve regarding it does take a considerbly long time to create a full theme for elgg as there are just so many elements to it thats why I totally appreciate all the themes availble for elgg because I know how long it takes to create them.  I've got a lot of inspiration from many of the themes already on elgg.

    @rj I love your Dalvar Pro Elite theme, love the bright atmosphere of it, I think that's perfect for a community site.

  • RJC is one of the two best themers here at Elgg. That's only my personal opinon after my personal experience of 40+ years (which means before most @here were born lolz;) working with IT and having seen some of the worst and some of the best talent in several languages, platforms, OSs over those years. Also seen a lot of fakes and scam artists who post their new website linkbacks on forums (using the 'wanq' forum bot!) disguised as 'normal' posts.

  • @martin shut up n hurry up w/ yr theme @here - i waana see whatya got.

    @art-director/human-compatible-web/bob-wan-qim/web-expert/yoga-teacher/elgg-developer/seo-god/not-my-mother/mantra-peddler/evdo-sales-dept/whatever-you-are - you're just a sharpster -


  • Im all over it.. ehe.. once Ive finished going out on all the dates via the random messages I keep gettng from people with thousands all wanting to marry me an deposit it in my bank etc...

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