Disable sql errors?

Hi. I've installed a mod, I'm getting errors I don't understand how to fix, it's not interfering with the usability of the site but the 50 red box error messages that come up are interfering.

How may I go about disabling the error reports? When changing the site I could always undo it, I'm sure.

  • Turns out that this isn't the product of a plugin (unless the mal-effect is carrying on despite my deactiving the plugin responsible). The error I'm receiving is this:

    Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!

  • This is a warning message telling you that in the code of at least on of the plugins installed on your site an outdated function is used. Before Elgg 1.7 this function was named extend_view() and with Elgg 1.7 it was replaced by elgg_extend_view(). "Deprecation" means that such functions will get removed two major releases later, i.e. in case of "Deprecated in 1.7" the function extend_view() will no longer be available in Elgg 1.9. The warning message should encourage developers to update their code before that happens.

    In case of your site, you need to find out which plugin is responsible for the warning message, for example by diabling any 3rd party plugins one after the other until the warning does not show up anymore (or the other way round). And it's highly likely a 3rd party plugin and not a bundled plugin. Once found the plugin your can either inform the developer and hope for an update or you can update the code yourself. The extend_view() function is most likely used in the init function in start.php of this plugn. Depending on what view gets extended you might only need to change "extend_view" to "elgg_extend_view" or you might also need to adjust the path of the view that gets extended (for example Elgg's core css is now "css/elgg").

  • I really appreciate the quick and detailed response.

    A peculiar thing happened. After a day hiatus from the internet due to wind I came back the site without the errors showing up. They didn't initially when I disabled all the plugins I decided were responsibe.

    Is there an expire measure in the code of Elgg? Sorry for such silly questions, but Elgg is very confusing and I'll be clueless about it for at least a week or so.

    Thanks again :)