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Hey, I can't seem to figure out how to keep friends add off the river or activity page. I know there is a plugin for this, and I installed it, but with the 3 Column its not working even with the plugin enabled, is there a trick or an option setting im missing? Anyone else have issues doing this, and if so how do you keep friends add off activity page. Thanks.

  • <?php
    * Create friend river view

    $subject = $vars['item']->getSubjectEntity();
    $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity();

    $subject_icon = elgg_view_entity_icon($subject, 'tiny');
    $object_icon = elgg_view_entity_icon($object, 'tiny');

    echo elgg_view('river/elements/layout', array(
    'item' => $vars['item'],
    'attachments' => $subject_icon . elgg_view_icon('arrow-right') . $object_icon,

  • thats the core file mentioned above.  this will not hurt or affect anything during an upgrade, just the fact that you will have to go back and redo it every time you upgrade.  again I would recommend against modding the core files, you should take the time to learn elgg, the api and the view system, etc.....

    it really shouldnt/doesnt take that long and you will continue to have these types of problems in the future

  • Yes, I understand, and your right I should attempt to learn more about the api/view system but can you copy and paste the lines of code you commented out to get it to work? For now I just want to remove it.

    You said: dont remove the code, just comment it out like: /* thecode here*/ can you please copy and paste your example of this create.php that you got to work when you tested it?

    I tried to comment it out but still, the activity pages goes blank and will not load when I test it. I want to see your version of commenting the code out and not having the friends add to the page. Thanks alot.

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