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Hey, I can't seem to figure out how to keep friends add off the river or activity page. I know there is a plugin for this, and I installed it, but with the 3 Column its not working even with the plugin enabled, is there a trick or an option setting im missing? Anyone else have issues doing this, and if so how do you keep friends add off activity page. Thanks.

  • Thanks, just what I was looking for.

  • Well, I removed the lines of code in both .php files, and uploaded them, but the river add is still taking place, probably because im using the 3column river display plugin, so I am guessing that plugin is still pushing out the friends add to the activity page, so I would need to find out what lines of code needs to be removed from the 3 colum river display?

  • By river add, do you mean its still showing user1 is friends with user2?

    After changing those files, try restarting your local server.

    i tried that plugin myself but if i become friends with someone, it doesn't show anything about that on the river. Its just cached. Just keep in mind that changing that code is only gonna work on new friend adds, its not gonna delete the last adds.

  • Yes, it still shows user1 is now friends with user2 from the activity page, I had a friend test it out by registering and adding me, I will try rebooting the cloud server, and checking again later. Thanks for your help.

  • I had rebooted the server and the friends adds still show up, can't seem to figure this out, anyone with the 3 colum river page figure out how to get rid of the user1 is now friends with user2 add???

  • I haven't looked at the plugin yet but try looking in that plugins folder for create.php

    plugin > views > default > river > relationship > friend


  • the river activity 3C plugin does not alter or affect the wire in anyway.  it is basically just a theme that controls the layout of the activity and other pages.  views > default > river > relationship > friend > create.php is the file you need to look at, but i would advise againt modding the core.  you need to either overwrite or extend a view to alter this file to accomplish what you want.

  • Well, I can't figure this out, I dont want to modify something that will come back and bite me in the ass later but if anyone thinks they know what I can do and give me instructions to get the job done, let me know, I saw a plugin to get rid of the xy and yz add or whatever they called it, but that plugin still didnit work, pushed it to the bottom of the list, ran the upgrade.php and still new friend adds are showing up...

  • whats the name of the plugin?


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