plugin idea: most appreciated/most likes (as a category)

i know others have requested this already; i just noticed a fairly simple way to do it.. and am thinking someone has most likely already done it and we missed it.

the idea is to have a page on the site for the most appreciated content.

i though that creating a category for 'best of site' and then assigning the items to that category would be enough.. but that requires manual interaction.. 
so then i thought of a plugin that can assign content to categories based on thresholds, such as 'liked by 25 people or more'.. 

that actually expands the idea to a useful concept of a general category assigner plugin, based on rules... which could include presets for best of site based on likes. or whatever you think of.

has anyone seen any plugins like this so far?


  • baa baaa baaa that's gweat

    Hope you manage to get it going, it sounds like it's going to be a very useful plugin one of the things I love about this community is the creativity.. (just wish I could code)



  • haha..

    (just wish I could code) - let's just stick with the rainbow.. keith harris and orville's too gloomy.. ;)

    i prefer letting coders complete their own projects so i sent juho a message; i thought assigning items to categories would be simple in code.. from what i have seen from looking in the category code, the flow is not obviously self explanatory, so not so easy to read what's occurring or how to do it - though generally its all simple once the naming conventions are kn-own-ed.

    i sent juho a link to this thread too.

  • Rod, Jane and Freddy made excellent plugins...(apparently)  they even made a plugin bungle..

    heh, Im planning on learning as much as I can about the whole elgg sytem, and php, so hopefully this time next year I will be able to contribute some plugins to the community too.. and yeah some of the code is kinda logical and quite easy to follow and some just seems ridiculous..

    hopefully Juho will get back to you soon and get things moving



  • sampling of what can be achieved quickly;
    will need wrapping w/ html formatting & done ;)
    [ & yes - sure works minus those funky wb api calls ]
    EntTpe     EntSubType     Likes          
    group     .            1
    object     files        2
    object     toppage        3
    TOTAL    .            6

  • i sent juho a link to this thread too.

    So, what exactly would you like me to do? :)

    A bit about my plugin: It adds a second sidebar to activity and then displays in the two sidebars:

    • Most liked items during past 7 days (ordered my count of likes)
    • Tagcloud
    • Contents where logged in uses has been mentioned using @username (see
    • Most recent comments to content owned by the logged in user

    My plan is to make the sidebar modules more configurable. Either widgets or configurable by the admin.

  • ;)

    my thoughts are that your plugin overlaps the functions of river_addon and, since river_addon now has many features, combining the two plugins or at least allowing the two to both function side by side would be a smart move. presently i am seeing that if you registered the widgets as usable across the site so that they appear in the site's widget list; and if river_addon was altered to use that list instead of a fixed set of widgets, there would be a maximisation of the usefulness of both plugins in relation to the support elgg currently offers for widgets.

    what i'd like you to do is what you desire to do.. if that is to ditch elgg and open a fruit stall in the caribbean, then do that.. and invite me.. haha.. ;)
    if you are most excited to extend elgg, then i'd like you to consider my suggestions.


  • The river_addon seems to have a lot of good features. I will have to test it more thoroughly later.

    It would definitely be nice to be able to combine the features of the two plugins. All in all the plugin developers should work more together instead of making many separate projects.

    I just wish I had more time. :) The paying customers always come first so most of my own ideas just end up to the pile of unfinished projects. :/